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John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual George

Post by John Quinn on Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:54 am

Quinn smiled as he turned on the monitor for the video chat and opened the link from his email. He saw the man slowly come into focus and nodded to him.

"Mr. Quinn I presume?"

"Yes. I am John Quinn. How can I help you, George?"

"I believe Miss Sevti told you about why I was wanting to talk with you. The opportunity could be quite lucrative and I will be honest with you. I was surprised when your name was given to me. I have to be frank, Mr. Quinn. I do not know you from Adam and am not convinced you have the networking skills for the task. I took this meeting as a courtesy for someone who has done me great service in the past.

Quinn chuckled and pulled out his phone, sending a brief text, then looked up at George and waited. He watched the annoyed look on George's face change to one of surprise when his phone rang.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Quinn but I have to take this."

He watched as George listened on the phone, his eyes going wider as he continued to listen for a few minutes. He spoke for a few minutes, looking a bit uncomfortable. As he hung up, he looked nervously back to Quinn.

" I am sorry for doubting you, Mr. Quinn. It seems you have a bit more networking experience that I believed. I did not realize you were THAT John Quinn. I thought it was just a coincidence....but never mind that. The offer is a genuine one, Mr.Quinn. With your experience, we can even augment the offer by 10% if that would make the deal."

He grinned at George and nodded.

"I'll have my people make the arrangements, George. I am sure we both have a lot to do."

He looked over at Rajat, who was holding up his trucks, grinning. He nodded to Rajat and smiled.

"I hope you will excuse me for keeping things short, but I have another meeting I need to attend to."

"Of course, Mr.Quinn. Thank you for your time. My people will send you the paperwork on the project. Until then, thank you for your time."

Quinn nodded and smiled before closing out the screen. Rajat ran over and grinned at him.

"I'm an important meeting? That is so cool."

"You always will be, Rajat. Always."

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