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A Dream..

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual A Dream..

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:28 am

Jesus had Lafayette in his arms and was holding him gently speaking softly to him ...

“I love you and miss you so much Lafayette ...you are doing so well without me ...I am so proud of you ..”

“Umm lova ..I miss ya so much ...and no youd be crazy to think Im a doing anything but awful without yous baby..”

“Lafayette you know you are doing well ...you are a survivor ...you always were my love ..”

“Jesus ..can asks you ..is Terry with you ..I miss him somthing awful and Arlene is so broken if I could tell her something ..anything about him ...I don’t know maybe it would help her ..”

“You know the rules Lafayette ...I cant tell you where Terry has gone if you want to know that you must ask him yourself ..”

“Please baby ..just tell me if he is ok and doing well ..I don’t want to do that witch shit unless I have no choice ..”

“Lafayette that’s why I am here ...you need to embrace you magical side ...the more you reject it the less control you have over it and you need more control ..you cant let any ghost just take control over you baby ...you can learn to control that ..there are books and help you can get.. help to gain control over that part of yourself ...and you need to gain control ...Holly might be able to help you  or other Wicca ...but you need to do this ..”

“Ok Jesus ..ill look into it ..Ill go get books and see about getting in touch with Holly but why now baby ...why the emergency ..”

“Something is coming for you Lafayette ...I don’t know what but something from this plain is coming for you and you have to be ready  baby...you need to be ready ..you need books  ,special Tarot cards any and everything that will help you build your knowledge and you need to use your powers  everyday..Read the cards everyday even getting to know the future will build your magics ..  ”

“Ok ..ok Jesus I get it I have to build my power every day ...and something is coming for me ...damn I feel like Sookie ...Ok Ill do what you say lova ...But can you at least tell me why something is comin  ..”

“It has to do with your great great grandma and some magics she did way back when ..I am not totally for sure but do your research and I am sure you will find out ..Now it’s time to wake up ...”

“Na ...dont want to ..like it right here ..”

“Lafayette ..wake up ...wake up...WAKE UP!!!!”


Lafayette woke yelling with a sheen of sweat all over him hugging his pillow.He hasn’t has a dream of Jesus in a long time .And one so vivid, that hasn’t happened ever,  he grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down everything he could remember .He remembered that he needed to go to a mystic store and buy a shit load of books ,cards and shit that Jesus said he would need to get ready .He also made a note to speak to Holly and maybe she could help him do research on his great great grandma .He better get his ass out of bed cuz his day off just got to be a day of running around...

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