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Reseaching the past..

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Reseaching the past..

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:19 pm

Now home Lafayette sits on his couch lights a blunt and opens the first book ,he skims through it and stops on page 256 at something that catches his eye about his great great grandma..

Reseaching the past.. MARIE-LAVEAU-CM-Gandolfo

Folklore tells us she was exceptionally beautiful, that she got rich selling gris-gris, that she could intimidate the police and that world leaders sought her advice. The stories tell of how she danced with a snake and presided over blood drenched rituals. Traditions claim she was well known at the “quadroon balls” that she used blackmail, that she was a hairdresser and domestic informant, that she ran a house of prostitution, that she could  “fix” court cases and cheat the executioner, that Voodoo powers caused she deaths of at least one Governor and one Lieutenant Governor and that she, herself, never really died. Basically, she got the credit, and the blame, for almost every unexplained major event. Her spirit still gets such credits and every real, or would be, Voodoo Queen since has claimed her anointment.

He contentiously flips through the book hoping to find more on Rae Sue Reynolds ,he soon found a little  snippet on her powers ..

Rae Sue is a very Powerful Voodoo witch whose youth has stood the test of time. Despite being alive during the 1800's, almost 200 years later she is still living and shows no obvious signs of ever aging.

   Necromancy: she preformed necromancy when she brought the dead back to life.  

   Transmutation: Rae Sue Reynolds was shown to have transmutation when she and Hank Foxx had a deadly face off, although she wasn't fast enough and was scratched by Hank's bullet.  

   War Cry: Rae Sue  had used war cry which seemed to be a form of mind control. She made two cops shot each other.  

   Telekinesis: Rae Sue  was able to open a drawer using telekinesis during a ritual.

   Pinning: Rae Sue  is capable of using this classic voodoo power, she was seen injuring Hank with this power.

   Mind Control Dust: Rae Sue  can control the minds of people through a magic dust, she used this type of power in the hospital invasion.

He picked up another book of historical Voodoo priestess and started to flip through that ,he stopped at the page where there was abit of  past history on Rae Sue  all laid out for him...

Rae Sue Reynolds was born on Wednesday September 10th, 1794 to plantation owner Charles Reynolds and his love, a free Creole woman of color named Marguerite Darcantel.

The Creole’s were Louisiana natives of French and Spanish decent. This gave even a woman of African lineage respect. Then being a free person of color gave you the same freedoms as the white’s.

Rae Sue wasn’t a homely girl. She was very beautiful, kind and well liked. This made her popular and she never shied away from the attention.

In 1819, at the age of 24 she married her first husband, Jacques Paris. It wouldn’t last long. Jacques disappeared in 1820. Rumours spread that Rae Sue was involved in the disappearance, but this faded because of the respect others had for her. They would accept the idea that Jacques ran away from his responsibilities and returned to his native Haiti.

Obviously not a broken woman, it didn’t take long for Rae Sue  to move on. Her next husband was different in a much better way. Christophe de Glapion came from one of the pioneer French family’s of New Orleans; he was a Creole and legally considered a free person of color, even though you would never know it by looking at his pale skin.

Christophe’s kind nature and endless respect for Rae Sue  made this the perfect match. This union produced five children, going against the rumour that there were fifteen kids. The number fifteen was debunked years ago, blamed on the confusion of the Reynolds family generations, and with the tricks played by Rae Sue  and her daughter.

In 1835 Christophe died. We here at Haunted Hamilton were unable to find details of his death.
On Thursday June 16, 1881, Rae Sue Reynolds passed away secretly in her home on St. Ann Street. This was reported by a New Orleans newspaper, but the method of death was as extravagant and violent as some rumoured her life. The paper said Rae Sue Reynolds was accidentally beheaded while on the second floor of her house.

Here is a way to summon the Queen of Voodoo if you wish but be warned she is a very angry spirit and may not wish to help you...

How to summon Rae Sue Reynolds

The number three is significant to Voodoo, appearing in many spells and folklore (such as doing wrong will be visited back on you three-fold).

The letter X is an African symbol for crossing over from the living to the dead (and vice-versa).

They say if you

 1.  Deface the grave of Rae Sue Reynolds by drawing three X’s in black chalk
 2.  Knock three times to make your presence known
 3.  You will be visited by her angry spirit that very night

Lafayette went to another book and saw yet another entree about his family in fact there were several .Out of all the books he and Jesus had on their shelves not a one had any information on his family yet these were full of it . He rolled up another joint and kept reading well into the evening ...

Reseaching the past.. Large

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