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Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur
Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur

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Sexual Moment.

Post by Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur on Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:33 pm

Sometimes dreams didn't come true. That was something she had learned and lived by for the last few months. Her Terry, the man that had made all the bad in her life disappear and everything much more special, was gone. And as much as it hurt for her to say it, it really was okay.

He was at peace now. There were no more nightmares, no more panic attacks. He didn't have to be worried when he was alone, or be afraid that he would hurt their babies. But that also meant that there were no more afternoon trysts in the bedroom, no more hearing him sing to her or run his fingers through her hair as they watched TV. And most hurtful of all, there would be no more babies.

Her heart was laying in the ground in Bon Temps Cemetery, covered by six feet of dirty with a giant piece of granite covering it. And she was okay. Most days.

Not today. Definitely not today. Her heart ached, tears wouldn't stop pouring down her cheeks, she was shaky and all she could remember was the light fading out of his eyes as he died in her arms.

"Oh, Terry. Why'd you have to be so brave?"

She shook her head and took a sip from the glass of whiskey in her hand, letting the burn go down her throat and wash away the pain. It didn't work for long, but it did for a bit. And all she needed was just a moment of peace, a moment to forget how his eyes had looked when they went blank. A moment to pretend that it hadn't happened and he'd be home any second.

Just a moment.

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