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A chat with Grandma ..

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual A chat with Grandma ..

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:22 pm

Lafayette was use to helping others talk to their loved ones but talking to one of his own he wasn’t so sure about .He got out one of the new books labelled Mediums Bringing the Spirit Closer and found a chapter on talking to your own dead.He quickly read the chapter , wrote down some notes and wrote out the diagrams with the list of things he would need to call the Queen of Voodoo into his home .

After reading he got all that he needed and cleared an area on the living room rug .He set up the candles ,poured the mixture of powders he made in to the diagram on the floor and the rest stayed in  the bronze mixing bowl .He then called the words and offered his blood into the bowl and mixed the powder and the blood together ,then marked himself in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost then made a cross on his chest and put the bowl in the middle of the diagram ....

“Grandma Rae Sue Reynolds ...Im callin Grandma Rae Sue Reynolds ...please with all respect and love great great  grandma ...Im callin yous to come on in my house and sit awhile with me ...Come on in Grandma Rae Sue ..”

The room gets darker just a shade and it energies change....

“Who is calling Ray Sue Reynolds ..Who calls me to do their bidding ...It pays a hefty price those who call the Queen of Voodoo ..”

“ Its Lafayette Great Grandma ...Lafayette Reynolds ..Ruby Jeans son ...Susie May’s daughter ...you know the 7th great great grand child ... Lafayette ....”

“ Lafayette ...yes I remember being there for your birth and markin ya ...Aaaaa...my Lafayette ...what can I do for you ...I was wondering when you would come looking for your old grandma Rae ...”

“ Well Grandma Rae ..Im looking for answers and help ...the help is with this power I guess you gave me and the answers are to the many questions I have. First starting with ...what is up with this connection to the Burrells..?”

“ Burrells ...Willameina ...she was my best friend and she was slowly killed by her husband ..so I quickly killed him ...as for the help I can do that but it will take more than just one two three and the control is yours ...you have to work on it and you have to follow everything I tell you...Why ask about Willameina’s family ?”

“ Well I am thinking about befriending a Willa Burrell but she is a vampire but a good vampire I think ...like Tara ...you remember Tara don’t you Grandma she is Lettie Mae’s daughter  ...so thats why I ask about the Burrells but you don’t have to tell me more than just what you did if you don’t want to ..”

“Nah that is for another night child just know you can’t go wrong having a Willa Burrell for a friend ..mine was the best ...now I gots to go child just for now ...cast for me  at the call of midnight on the morrow and we will have our first learning about control ..love you child ..”

“Aaahhh ..ok Grandma Rae ..love yous too ..”

As the room goes back  to normal it was like the lights undimmed and the rooms energy level stabilizes Lafayette realizes he more then likely has been the only person who has talked to his Grandma in years and lived to tell about it .Most accounts are from people who found the bodies and records of the séance. There have only been 4 people who actually have survived speaking with her over the last 50 years.He cleans up the diagram on the floor ,the powder blood mixture and then sits down for an extra big joint.Talking to his grandma took allot out of him ,he needs to be able to soak in what just happened .He fully expected for it to fail not to produce anything what he didn’t expect was to  have a conversation with Rae Sue and he really didn’t expect her to be so willing to help him .Maybe this was going to work after all ...

A chat with Grandma .. Large

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