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Losing control


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Sexual Losing control

Post by Tijgerian on Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:08 am

She sat at the desk in John's office that she had taken over the last week and a half and continued to write out her reports. Rochelle had been a but more focused this week and she did wonder what caused the turn around. She smiled more but her duties were back on point. Perhaps this Tolvin had...loosened her up a bit.

A buzz from her laptop showed the incoming video chat from her boss, George. She checked her watch and hit the accept button, leaning back in her chair. He smiled when her face became clear on the screen and she smiled back.

"George..." She inclined her head once. "To what do I owe this unexpected call. It's nearly four am there, what prompted a call?" She quizzed.

He temples his hands and she could tell he was still in a polo shirt which meant he hadn't left his office. "Tijgerian, there have been some...concerns"

She arched a brow. He never referred to her by her first name. "Concerns?"

"I have reason to believe you are residing in the residence of John Quinn and are in the mecca of vampire and human war. CNN won't stop talking about the tainted blood by a large corporation made by governor Burrell, who has yet to be found. It's dangerous down there and I think it best for you to return home. I'll send Xavier in to finish."

She rose both of her brows and smirked at his concern and shook her head slowly. "George you very well know I can take care of myself. John has been generous as to offer us a place to reside from the dangers. He's very apt in keeping potential vampiric dangers at bay and you will tell Xavier to stand down."

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Sexual Re: Losing control

Post by Tijgerian on Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:19 am

George persisted, "Miss Sevti, will all due respect, you have a child. In which case I cannot allow his only parent to be in such a predicament. I have spoken to John and while I consider him a great asset to our company, I feel the need to be frank..."

She listened, her face never giving away her anger or frustration with George. He leaned forward a bit and appeared to be carefully choosing his words. "I realize you have suggested John and gave wonderful recommendations, however, I must ask if these are business recommendations in which he is highly praised...or personal?"

She felt herself slightly amused by his assumption but decided to play dumb. "I'm not certain I'm understanding your meaning George."

"You've asked for time off in which I have granted. You're my best and you are always working. But it begs to question why, after all this time, now is the time you request a break. It was not until I sent you to Louisiana did you become a bit lax and...stressed as you put it. I know you have personal reasons for never taking vampire clients and that is why I give them to Xavier, but if I may say so it has me wondering what I'm missing. Is john your reason for a break?"

She shifted in her seat and honestly wasn't expecting this from George. She cleared her throat and remained the ever professional business woman. "I do my job and I do it well. I requested some time to myself for personal reasons. Personal reasons that do not involve John Quinn. I do not believe it is any business or concern to you my involvement with him other than to know it is mere business. So you may abandon your concerns and rely on my skills to know that I have officially landed the Merlotte's account as well as a few more in Shreveport and New Orleans. Some of them unexpected. Turns out we have made quite a name here and you have me to thank. Any other concerns?"

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Sexual Re: Losing control

Post by Tijgerian on Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:28 am

She was growing slightly angrier and wondered where George fathomed this idea. His next statement caught her by such a surprise her face depicted it. "I miss you."


"We miss you, the firm misses you. I know I offered you New Orleans but things are not the same without you here."


"It took me a while to realize it Tijgerian. A long while. But I'm realizing it now."

"George have you been drinking?" His eyes did appear different and his whole demeanor had changed.

"Just come home, please?"

"George, I believe we have spoke enough for one night. Go get some rest and we'll discuss this another time." Before he could protest, she ended the call. He had done a complete 360 and she was baffled. Was he attempting to say he loved her? The mere thought made her want to laugh. George, her boss...

Standing, she shook her head and chuckled softly. Moving over to the book shelf, she examined the items he had laying around. One caught her eye and she pulled it free from it's spot. The spine read "the book of Lilith" and the cover was old and worn as was the pages. She could tell it through the clear plastic polymer that protected it. She placed it back and noticed the other things on that particular shelf. Fangs in the same kind of polymer casing. Vampires...of course. She shook her head, folding her arms across her chest.

She realized John was getting her to let him in slowly and she was losing control. Pretty soon, she'd be bending to his every will as he bent her over the desk. She had to prove to herself and to him that she was independent and did not need him. She also had to inform him that she would call the shots and only submit to him when she felt like it. She would show him...she would show herself ... It was just sex, nothing more. She was in control...she was.

Losing control Dljqs5

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Sexual Re: Losing control

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