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Who is Tolvin Richter?

Tolvin Richter
Tolvin Richter

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Sexual Who is Tolvin Richter?

Post by Tolvin Richter on Fri Mar 14, 2014 7:37 pm

Tolvin Richter was an idealistic boy and with his twin sister, Talia, grew up in southern Louisiana. When they were in their late teens, a vampire attacked them in the woods near their home. Tolvin killed the vampire by accident but at a great price. This vampire was mad with hunger and had ripped out Talia's throat, killing her instantly. Flooded by grief, Tolvin knew he could not stay in Loreauville any longer. He saw to his sister's funeral and then enlisted in the Army. During one of his tours, his team was sent into a building on a nighttime strike and ran into a coven of vampires who worked for the local warlord. While he survived the incident, he lost his taste for war, and when his time came, he accepted an honorable discharge. Ever since that battle, he has had nightmares about it.

When he left the military, he talked to an old friend who set him up with work body-guarding the children of the wealthy. You would think that it would have been an easy task, but Tolvin's preference for following protocol often caused conflicts with his clients' wishes. After being released from his employment, he was in the city, drinking some of his last check when he first saw John Quinn. He found out that while he had been away babysitting brats, vampires had finally come out in public. When he saw John Quinn, the man was being followed by several vampires and did not seem to be aware of it. Drunk or not, he knew he had to step in. He followed them around the corner and was astonished to see John literally tearing the vampires apart by hand, and the man was even laughing and enjoying himself. Once John Quinn finished with them, he walked over to Tolvin and they went into the bar to have a beer together and talked. When John found out that Tolvin needed a job and had a military background, he hired him on the spot.

Over several years working for John Quinn, Tolvin proved himself by always maintaining the rules, even to the point of going toe to toe with John on a few occasions. This attitude helped him quickly rise in the ranks of Quinn's personal security team. He always tries to maintain objectivity when Quinn deals with vampires, and more....but it causes flashbacks and stress on him from time to time. Quinn has become aware of the problem and offered Tolvin his release, which Tolvin turned down. Quinn is more than an employer by this time. He is close to family. The closest that Tolvin has had since Talia's death so many years ago. He is fiercely loyal to John and still keeps to his code to this day.

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