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Post by Tijgerian on Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:57 am

She sat alone in the office she had been using. Drumming her nails on the mahogany desk, she waited. Checking her watch once more, she looked back at the monitor and watched as it lit up with an incoming video call. It had been a few days since she spoke to George, especially after his blatant attempt at making her return on the premise that he loved her. How preposterous to think that she could feel the same about her boss. He was her boss, nothing more.

She saw his image come onto the screen and sat back, waiting for him to speak. He appeared embarrassed and a bit disheveled. "George..." She inclined her head in a greeting. He nodded and spoke low.

"Miss Sevti..." He was silent for a few moments more before he went to speak again. "I must apologize for my behavior, it was--" she stopped him by lifting her hand and shaking her head no.

"It was something I'd rather not speak about. We should discuss business. I've had Rochelle ensure our flight to Brazil as well as set times and appointments for meetings. You will be conferenced in for each one. I've had her also--"

"You are the most stubborn woman I've ever known."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Moving on...to also verify that they wish to move forward with entertainment and event help from the EeE, in which you yourself considered having as a partner with our firm."

"He has to prove to me to be an asset before I make that official  I know you've spoke a great deal about him but I need to see for myself. I'm sure you understand."

"I do." She inclined her head again.

"Our annual gala is coming soon, perhaps he can organize it and show me his skills."

"I'll speak with him about it."

"I'm sure you will."

She narrowed her eyes a bit and cleared her throat. "If that is all, I'll have Rochelle fax you the information and I'll keep you informed. I have contacts in the area who were wishing to speak with me on expansions."

George nodded and shifted in his seat. "Very well. I wish you a safe flight and I'm sure you'll be well protected by Mr. Quinn. He's a large man and I doubt any harm will come your way."

"John also has a well apt security team and I have no fear of any mishaps. Brazil is a nice place and I haven't heard of many vampires in that area. You worry too much, George."

"You're my best, Tijgerian. I do not intend to lose you." His words had a deeper meaning and she knew it by the look of admiration in his eyes. She rolled her own and sighed.

"Yes George. I must go, I have a meeting to prepare for with Mr. Merlotte."

"Have a good evening."

"You as well."

She ended the call and shook her head. When would he ever learn? It was unlike him to be so..bold. And he just tells her now, after working together for nearly eight years. Not like it mattered, she didn't have feelings for him then and now hasn't changed anything. She stood from the desk and headed to her room to change.

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