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All news is bad news ...

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual All news is bad news ...

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:41 am

Lafayette got up from another night of fitful sleep he had been having strange dreams ever since Jesus came to visit him .He got up stiff and sore almost like he had the flu but it was just his old body telling him he needed to have a good night’s rest .He went to make some coffee and roll his morning splif ,he went outside to get the paper .Once back in the house he sat on the couch lightin up his morning wakeup call he flipped through the paper reading there were more human deaths due to infected vampires  and they were getting to more and more vampire deaths due to the infection .

“Things are going to hell fast around here ..”

He says out loud to no one ,he gets up to get his coffee and then flips on the morning news..

“This just in police has stumbled on to a vampire nest just outside of Bon Temps  Louisiana  where they encountered what looks to be 5 freshly dead vampires and 3 soon to meet the True Death as they call it they are extremely infected with what the vampires are calling Hep-V infection ..**Showing the camera around the small room where they show the piles of what use to be vampires and the 3 vampires laying on the couches covered with black veins running all over their bodies and blood coming from their ears , eyes and noses .Just as they start to span out one of the vampires explode in a splash of blood and mush ,then the camera goes out ** Well as you can clearly see the vampires are suffering do to this infection and need to be helped .Please if you have any information that can help these vampires please call 1-888-556-9989 Vampire rescue ..”

Lafayette was in awe that they were coming out with this story ,normally the vampires were so secret about everything .But he guessed that it was just getting so bad out there that they couldn’t keep it under rapes any longer .He flicked through the channels and every station had the very same news on it like this was breaking news for his little town everyone had their hand in it .Turning off the TV he decided that since he had some time to fill since he didn’t have to work till the afternoon shift he would play with his Tarot cards and see what he could find out about all this bullshit .

He poured himself another coffee and rolled another splif then pulled out the cards and started to shuffle .He laid them out and started to read ,but what he got wasn’t a normal reading what he got was a straight line directly to his Grandma Rae …

“Lafayette have you found Willamenia ?” her voice trailed around his body

“Grandma Rae …aaahhh I wasn’t expecting you till tonight ..”

“You called I came My sweet child ..” she said in one ear but it came out of the other

“Ahhh I wasn’t callin yous ..I was just gonna use the cards for awhile ….”

“ You called I came ..” now sitting across from him

“ Ummm…ok Grandma Rae …I was wondering why is the vampires getting so sick and are they gonna get better ?”

“ Why worry about them …those dead things …they mean nothing to those that live ..”

“ Ummm grandma Rae ..Willa and Tara are Vampires and I don’t want them to die from this infection ..I was hoping to get some sort of answer as to how to keep them safe ..”

“ Yes I know they are …and they are dead already …They will be fine if they don’t drink of bad blood …all the infected have drunk of bad blood …they are the greedy and the crazed and they mean nothing to the living …the ones that are meant to live will …the ones that are meant to die will …Willamenia and Tara are meant to live …not to worry my child ..”

“Do they know this already ..about the blood …are they being careful …do I have to warn them ..”

“No child they already know and are talking precautions ..”

“Grandma Rae I worried about this infection ..the vampires normally keep this stuff quite but now it is in the open …what does that mean …I think it means it worse than everyone is aware …I think it has to do with whatever is coming ..is that right does it have to do with what’s coming ..”

“Child all I can tell you is there is something big coming and it does have to do with the vampires but I don’t know what just yet ..its not clear just yet ..maybe later tonight once there is a proper séance with the proper words and incantations we might see clearer ..”

“ Willa wants to be here and call on her Grandma Willamenia …can we do that as well ..”

“Have Willamenia here with us  ..oh Lafayett could you do that …I would love to be able to talk to my friend again …yes you could do that …here is the incantation for calling more than one powerful spirit ** a book falls out of the book shelf and lands on the floor open to page 458  Lafayette goes to pick it up its cold to the touch .He looks over the page quickly and sits back down ** ..that is the page where you will find the right words..”

“ Ummmm..Ok Grandma Rae Ill read this and the other on where it was about calling you but this one looks like the one to use for both of y’all ..”

“I must go now child you read up now and get your rest because this is going to take allot out of you …we are both very strong spirits and for you to call us both will take everything you have …till then child …”

“Ahhh …ok Grandma Rae …”

Lafayette looked back to the cards and they were all turned over except the future card it was left the way Lafayette had placed it on its face .He didn’t remember turning any of the cards over himself so it must have been his grandma .He put the cards away and smoked another splif to contemplate what had just occurred  ,he had just found another way to contact his grandma without all the blood and whoopla .It was amazing that the dead knew so much about the living and what the living was doing .He would have to fill in Tara and Willa about this meeting and ask them all about this Hep-V infection cuz if it has anything to do with what’s coming he would have to be fully prepared….

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