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Going For Dinner

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Going For Dinner

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:58 am

Jason had no clue what the hell was up with Andy Bellefleur, he had given Jason the week off without no clue as to why? But he was not going to complain about having time off. Andy must have seen how hard he had been working, it took a genius to sharpen all those pencils during his lunch hour. At least he wouldn't have to see Kenya for a whole week which was a bonus. He was not sure how many more talks about being the perfect police officer that he could take. Kenya seemed to have it in her head that it wouldn't be long before Andy retired since he was never there these days. If Andy retired that would mean Kenya or Kevin would become Sheriff, something that Jason didn't want to think about.

Shoving another piece of cheese pizza into his mouth as he sunk it down with a bottle of beer as he let out a shuddering belch as he rubbed his stomach. He had found some old boxes that held old tapes of him and Sookie as kids. Some would just not play but there was others that were too broken to try and fix. Maybe Sookie still had some stuff in Grams house of when they were kids, he could show Violet what he was like when he and Sookie were kids. The whole talk about not having kids had really gotten to Jason, but if he could show Sookie that he had made his mind up by staying with Violet that she would understand his choice.

Once Sookie had kids or puppies as Jason still believed that she would still have, no matter what anyone said. His mind was made up, he was going to take Violet to have dinner with him and Sookie. He pulled out his cell and called Sookie, voice-mail.

"Hey Sooks, Violet and I are coming for dinner. I will bring the beer. Can you cook Grams chicken? Call me. Its Jason" he ended the message.

Jason would make Sookie see that he had made his choice, and he would get dinner out of it.

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