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Just Run


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Post by Tijgerian on Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:54 pm

John had spent most of the day with Rajat, and she gave them space to have together. Rochelle was busy with her client documents and organizing more paperwork. They hadn't really spoken about anything else besides work related things. Tij knew she was still angry about Tolvin, only solidifying the fact that she knew Rochelle and Tolvin were involved, as much as Rochelle attempted to deny it.

She couldn't focus on work, she couldn't think about anything but trying to piece together last night and how she got into her bed, wrapped in a robe. Tolvin had tended to her hand and advised her about the proper dosage. she wondered if the slight over dose was the culprit for her nightmare free slumber.

After Rajat was safe in bed, she found herself sneaking to the back of the property. Looking over her shoulder at the house, she turned back to face the forest and thought about the decisions she was making. As she reached the treeline, she shifted into her tiger form and her clothing fell to the ground, ripped apart. Feeling better already, she took off into a run, running with no particular destination in mind.

The moon overhead was three quarters full and a slight orange tint, murky clouds blocking its light. The night air was a bit crisp, winter leaving and spring slowly approaching. She just kept running, curious where she would end up, but not giving a damn. She thought about the fight she had with John and the talk she had with Tolvin. She had to put a stop to all of it, she had to reassure herself that she was the one calling the shots, that she was in charge, that she...wasn't feeling a damn thing for John Quinn.

But for now, all she needed....was to run.

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