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Keeping Secrets

Rochelle Petrakis
Rochelle Petrakis

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Sexual Keeping Secrets

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:27 am

Rochelle rubbed her eyes as she bent over the sink, sleepily grabbing her toothbrush and toothpaste. Like a natural habit, she applied the paste to her brush with one eye open. Turning the faucet on, she began to brush her teeth. The notification on her laptop went off and she rushed into her room, still brushing. It was a video call and that was when she realized that she had slept in for the first time in a long time. She answered it and smiled, toothpaste all over her mouth. She held up a finger and rushed back to the bathroom to finish and rinse.

Wiping her mouth, she lifted her hair into a sloppy ponytail as she walked back into the bedroom. Sitting down at the small desk in the room, her smile grew bigger.

"Papá!" She waved at her father who waved back and smiled softly.

"Ach , belle mou . Pó̱s eísai ? Mou leípeis polý, póte tha se xanadó̱"
(Ah, my belle. How are you? I miss you very much, when will I see you again?)

She smiled and lowered her gaze for a moment. "sýntoma , bampá , polý sýntoma" (Soon, Papa, very soon.) She placed her fingers against her lips and then to the screen, a look of longing in her face. "Mou leípeis tóso polý . Pó̱s eísai ? Eíste na thymáste na paírnete ta fármaká sas" (I miss you so very much. How are you? Are you remembering to take your medication?)

He nodded. "Kathi̱meriná , ópo̱s to mi̱chanismó." (Everyday, like clockwork.) She smiled at that, relived he was well. "Den eínai to ídio cho̱rís eséna . Faínesai kalá kai ef̱tychisméni̱ . Boró̱ na po̱ sti̱ fo̱ní̱ sas, ómo̱s , káti eínai diaforetikó" (It is not the same without you. You look well and happy. I can tell in your voice though, something is different.)

She blushed a bit and thought about Tolvin. A lot had changed actually, she was happy and she was...in love? She wasn't all that sure but she never felt like she could just blurt it out because the emotions were just so...intense. But he'd surely think she was crazy, obsessed maybe...maybe he didn't feel that strongly about her. She forced a smile through the pain from the thought that maybe he didn't or wouldn't and spoke, "Típota den eínai diaforetikí̱ , bampá . Écho̱ ergasteí polý . Metá to epómeno taxídi mou sti̱ Vrazilía skopév̱o̱ na páme diakopés kai na érthoun sto spíti" (Nothing is different, papa. I have been working a lot. After my next trip to Brazil I plan to take a vacation and come home.)

He smiled bigger at her news and nodded, "Nai , af̱tó eínai kaló na akoúme . Af̱tó me charopoieí polý . Anypomonó̱ gia ti̱n klí̱si̱ sas ti̱n epómeni̱ evdomáda . Mi̱n ergázeste pára polý skli̱rá" (Yes, this is good to hear. It pleases me greatly. I look forward to your call next week. Do not work too hard.)

She smiled bigger and giggled softly. "Den tha Papá , kai ypóschomai na kalésete . S 'agapó̱ ." (I won't papa, and I promise to call. I love you.) He blew her a kiss and winked, waving before the screen went blank. She placed a hand on the screen and felt a tear roll down her cheek. She missed him so much. Wiping the tear away, she knew she had to finish her morning routine. Medicine, then food. Going to her drawer, she reached in underneath her clothes where she kept it hidden and took the dosage. Slipping it back in, she closed her drawer and headed for the kitchen for some breakfast.

"OH! Vincent, good morning. I was...um...I was wondering if...if you could show me where Tolvin's office is? I have some paperwork for him and I just need to drop it off to him." She smiled nervously and he explained where she could find it. She made mental notes and her smile grew. She had a little surprise for him, something to lift his spirits from being cooped up in the camera room.

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