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Grandmothers ...

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:18 pm

Lafayette was so glad to hear those words coming out of her mouth he hated to do the type of research they were going to have to do .He took a pad of paper and a pen and handed it to Willa ...

“Ok here is what I want you to do ...Write down a list of everything we will need and then you will have to go somewhere to find out all you can about Hep-V ..more then likely somewhere vamps can go and I cant ...We will have to get a list of all the vamps in Bon Temps so we know the numbers we might be looking at ...”

They start writing down all their ideas for their anti Hep –V vampire war study .They wrote what would be Lafayette’s duties and what would be Willa’s and when they would be getting together again , just what they would tell Tara and what duties they would give her.What they thought would be a one or two page document turned into a nineteen page doctrine with diagrams and graphs .Lafayette planned to have it copied for Willa and Tara so everyone had it to go over and add to it as they felt necessary.

After they were done and had cleaned up he got out a True Blood for her and a beer for himself and sparked up a splif .They spoke of everything they had seen and heard with the grandmothers and afterward going over their doctrine then started to talk about their lives and really started to get to know each other ..

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