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Removing the Past

Vincent Davis
Vincent Davis

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Sexual Removing the Past

Post by Vincent Davis on Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:12 pm

Vincent looked sadly up to the painting before taking it down. He knew why this needed to be done, and he approved of the plan, but he would be sad to see her go. He had gotten used to seeing this painting on the wall, and with the model gone, there would never be another. He knew Mr. Quinn had his reasons for what he was asked to do, but the empty spot would look so odd for now. With a sigh, he lowered the painting from the wall looking at it one more time before sliding it into the crate for transport.

Removing the Past Briann10

With a sigh, he closed the crate and slowly tapped the nails into place.

"Goodbye, Miss Jackson. Your time was so short. I hope you at least enjoyed what time you had."

He handed the crate off to the courier and handed him a letter to go with it.

"This is to be delivered as soon as possible to the Compton Estate. Take utmost care as this painting is truly a one of a kind and cannot be reproduced."

As he watched the van pull away, he smiled and turned, taking measurements for the space. They would need to put something here to replace the painting. Perhaps one of the dealers in Shreveport had a nice lithograph that would fit in the space. He wrote his measurements on a small pad and walked out of the room. He would call around in the morning. Maybe a nice Conti or a Rutherford piece. Those were always pleasant.


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