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The King's Finances

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual The King's Finances

Post by Dexter Coleman on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:57 pm

"Listen Blake. There is not much that I can do right now, the King will not see anyone right now" Dexter repeated Blake, another of the King's guards.

This had been the third day in a row that the King had refused to see anyone, he wanted to be left alone. It was not until he had spoken to the driver of the King's vehicle who now sported a black eye and seeing that his neck was bruised. There was an absent Miss Griffen with the King and Dexter could only assume that things had not gone as planned.

"It has been three days, the other guards have yet to receive payment for their duties. I do not know how much longer they are willing to wait. We have already lost Carlos, Toby and Ozzy, I am not sure how long the others will last" Blake admitted.

Dexter was not sure how much more he could take of this, the King would not speak to him. Without access to the funds there was not much that Dexter could do. 

"Get them back. Tell them to be back to work as usual tomorrow morning. They will have their payments by tomorrow evening. Just get them back here and I will have everything sorted, I will speak to the King tonight" Dexter assured Blake, lying through his teeth.

Blake simply nodded and turned and left the parlour, leaving Dexter alone. Sighing heavily Dexter gulped down his last remaining Bourbon from his glass. Dexter was not about to risk loosing his head by going to speak to the King about finances or to let him know that Arabella wished to speak with him. He would just have to do it without the King's permission and risk the fallout later, Dexter valued his life and his head.

Speaking to the King could wait, perhaps for another few days or so.

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