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The King's Delivery

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual The King's Delivery

Post by Dexter Coleman on Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:36 am

After spending most of the evening cleaning up after the King, Dexter was hoping to have a less than eventful evening. Dexter had never seen the King like this before in all the years that he had worked for him. It was as though he was slipping into madness, the only thing that Dexter could put it down to was the absence of Miss Griffen. The mansion seemed a lot less quieter this last week or so, he had become used to having her around. As well as the absence of Miss Trillo and her companion Cassia. 

Dexter found himself withdrawing from the circle of guards in their socializing time and locking himself away with his work. After the return of the fleeing guards who had now been paid now that Dexter had access to the funds of the King. Sitting in the parlour as he began working through endless files that he knew the King to be in no mood to do himself. It was left down to Dexter to do it for him. Pushing aside the documents that listed Isabel Beaumont on the title and her assets that now belonged to the King he began working through other important business; keeping the King's assets in line. Hearing footsteps approach him he raised his head to see Alex, a new guard that had joined the force.

"I am busy. Keep it short and brief Alex" Dexter ordered as he returned to the mass paperwork on the table in front of him.

Alex, with his bleach blonde hair and surfer dude attitude entered the parlour.

"Yeah, a parcel came for the King and I was told to bring it up. It's been checked for bombs and stuff like that" he assured Dexter chuckling.

Dexter sighed heavily dropping his pen to the table turning to Alex.

"Checked for bombs and stuff?" he repeated standing to his feet "You work for the King of Louisiana I would think that your search would have been more thorough that checking for bombs and stuff!" he snapped.

Alex immediately straightened himself out and stood at full attention.

"Michael checked it through man, it is all good" Alex beamed.

Dexter ran his hand over his prickled head that with dusted with his short hair and approached Alex.

"You are fired! Get your belongings and get the hell off the King's lands before I tell him and add your name to the missing person's list" Dexter snarled at Alex.

"What! You can't fire me!" Alex snapped back at Dexter.

That alone made Dexter laugh, such nerve to talk back to someone in a higher position that himself.

"You have got nerve I will give you that...But get your shit out of this place and get the fuck off the estate within the hour! Or shall I have one of vampire guards escort you? I hear Tyler has not fed all evening" he ended giving a sly smirk.

Alex huffed and grunted and did not say another word but left the parlour kicking the box that had been brought in. Dexter sighed and reached down to pick up the large box and lean it against the door frame. It was addressed to the King personally, Dexter had no knowledge that the King was expecting something delivered. But he could not be too cautious, he pulled out his phone and hit dial putting him through to Michael.

"Michael. I want you in the parlour in three minutes. Yes three minutes. I want you to check the King's delivery again...I do not care if you have checked it. Do it again!" he ordered ending the call.

The King was in no fit state for an attack against him, so he would make sure that this delivery was checked and then checked again.

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