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Coby's Thoughts

Coby Fowler
Coby Fowler

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Sexual Coby's Thoughts

Post by Coby Fowler on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:36 am

'I was going fishing with Uncle Jason'

Coby had been counting down the days until the weekend, no one had taken him fishing since Terry.

'I miss Terry, mama doesn't talk about him much in front of me or Lisa. Every time she talks about him she gets upset and cries a lot. Mama never used to cry this much with Rene'

Sitting on the porch of the house he felt warm, the sun was at its highest and Coby liked that.

'Terry has gone on a trip with Jesus like Rene did, and he wasn't coming back. Why did Terry have to go and get shot like he did? I really liked Terry. He was my papa'

Coby picked up a stone and tossed it onto the front lawn as it hit the mailbox with a clang, he picked up another and did the same again.

'Maybe Uncle Jason could show me how to shoot then I can protect my mama, Lisa and Mikey?'

Coby heard his mama calling to him that dinner was ready, he shot up to his feet and dashed into the house. He was going fishing this weekend with Uncle Jason, soon could not come enough.

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