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Another dream

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Another dream

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:48 pm

Lafayette woke in Jesus’ arms ,it was the best place to wake .He snuggled closer filling his nose with Jesus ‘sent and feel of his skin .Lafayette closed his eyes refusing to open them less Jesus goes away ,he knew this must be a dream …

“Please don’t leave me …”

“You know I cant stay …I am only here to warn you ..”

“I don’t want no warnings …I just want you …stay with me ..”

“LaLa you know I cant do that …I need to warn you …now open you eyes and look at me …”

“No.. cuz if Is do yous gonna say some cryptic shit and goes away  …so Is anit gonna dos it ..”

“Come on baby open them pretty brown eyes …what I need to tell you is important …now open your eyes so I know you are listening ..”

“Damn Jesus cant I even get one god damn break from all this shit I lives in …(opening his eyes)…there my eyes are open …”

“Ok look at me …there is a coming and it is many not just one …they are coming for the folks in Bon Temp ..I don’t know why but they are ..Willa isn’t the only one who needs to be ready to protect the humans …other vampires are going to be needed …you are going to have to talk to Sam about this.. he knows…”

“Sam …what does Sam have to do with this …And just what in the fuckin hell is coming …who the hell are they Jesus …see so cryptic never giving a bitch the full story …?”

“Lafayette calm yourself ..you know if I had that information I would give it to you …they are many is all I know ..and Sam has an idea that will help the people of Bon Temps …”

“So what has that to do with me and mine Jesus …don’t get me wrong Is love the peps here but I cant be expected to help save the whole lot …Im tired of saving peoples and this damn supernatural world …Im done with it Jesus …LaLa don’t play that game anymore ..Now why don’t we just lay back down and have some sweet lovin time ..”

“Lafayette I don’t know how I can be more straight with you ..you must help anyway you can …the future demands it …you play a unique part in this fight and you must play your part …Willa will be there to protect you so you will be safe ..”

Lafayette sits on the side of his bed with his head in his hands ,he knows what Jesus says is true, its always true .But he was so tired of all this bullshit ,for once he would just like a normal year where there were no supernatural world ending crap going on.He swung his leg over onto the bed and looked down on Jesus who was stretched out on the bed covered by the sheet looking so real Lafayette could have sworn he was really there …

“Ok Jesus …Ill do anything you say but I don’t have to like it ..Ill do this for you baby …Now is there any chance Ill get a kiss from you before you leave ?”

Jesus reaches out for Lafayette and brings his head down to his and gently brushes his lips a cross Lafayette’s …

“Thank you my love …I love you …”

As Jesus speaks of his love his lips brush over Lafayettes again and faintly drift off .Lafayette is left alone in his bedroom with tears in his eyes as the taste of his one true love lingers on his lips…

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