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The End of A Chapter

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual The End of A Chapter

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:30 pm

Why hadn't Bill heard anything back from Sookie? He had sent her flowers but still he had not heard a single peep. He had felt a wave of anxiety and sadness flood his senses early yesterday evening, his body yearning to go to her. But he refrained, he could only assume that the wolf boy had found out about their renewed blood bond. He wanted to go to her, fight for her with everything that he had, but he knew that if he had killed Alcide, Sookie would never forgive him. That was the last thing that he wanted.

Sitting behind his desk, his pen twirling between his fingertips attempting to distract himself from all thoughts that attacked him. His eyes drawn to a large photo frame next to his computer screen; Kiara.

The End of A Chapter Mirand10

An image of her usual drama free life before he and entered it. All he wanted was for her to be happy, something that he could not give her.

All he every wanted was to give her everything that she ever deserved and desired, but in the end he could not perform the simplest tasks to achieve that. Bill had not heard a thing from Kiara since her departure from the Vermont registry office nor could he feel her as he once used to. It was as though the part of Kiara had vanished from within him. Like it had never existed, ceased to exist and now replaced once again with the blood of Sookie.

He picked up the frame and held it in his hand letting his index finger glide across the glass, how something so simple could make that abyss inside of him grow deeper. Just her image alone was enough to make everything that he had been blocking out flood him. He wanted to find her, explain that he had a mistake and plead with her to take him back. But Bill knew that he had blown it this time, there was no going back.

He had lost her, part of him just did not want to except it.

Opening a drawer in his desk he shuffled things around and placed the frame inside the drawer laying it facing up. He was closing the drawer on Kiara for the last and final time, but she would always be there, close by. 

He was ending a chapter in his life, but the pages of his life would still be there for him to remember. He had to let her go, he had to let her move on.

They both did.

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