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Another Vampire Scene

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Another Vampire Scene

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:09 pm

Jason Stackhouse could not hear himself think as the sirens on his police truck flashed and rang loudly. Swerving around another corner Jason put his foot on the gas pedal. Andy had called him and gave him an address just on the outskirts of Bon Temps that he needed to get to immediately. He had called Arlene and explained to her that he could not take Coby out fishing but promised he would take him next weekend.

The sun was blazing down through the windows as Jason pulled off the main road towards the house that Andy had given him. Met with several camera's, reporters and a group of nosy people who wanted to know what was happening.

Parking his truck next to Andy's he hopped out taking off his sunglasses and dropping them into his pocket he ducked under the yellow tape and headed to the house. Stopping in his tracks he could see the blood; it was like he had walked into a horror movie.

Another Vampire Scene Blood-11

All of this was happening in Bon Temps, a once quiet town was now filled with dead people who were dead-dead, not the vamp dead. Something needed to be done about this, the mayor needed to sort things out.

Vampires needed to stay dead and not fuck with his town.

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