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Blood Shortage

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual Blood Shortage

Post by Dexter Coleman on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:17 am

Tapping his pen against the edge of the desk Dexter was already getting annoyed at the arrogant woman at the end of the line. Slumping in his chair behind his desk with his hand flinching nervously at her every word.

"What do you mean there is none left!" he snapped at the young woman, assuming she was young by the tone of her voice.

//I am sorry sir but there is nothing that we can do. We value the King's tribute but we can not give you what we do not have//

Pinching the bridge of his nose and trying hard to fight back the bubbling obscenities that were practically frothing at his mouth.

"No, listen. The King of Louisiana should be your highest priority and now you expect me to tell him that the blood that I ordered several days ago has been hi-jacked? Is there no security protocol?" he spoke calmer, attempting to establish what exactly happened.

//Mr Coleman I will not speak to you while you maintain an aggressive manner. Due to the recent purchases of True Blood we are out of stock indefinitely and there is nothing that we can do. Please understand that things have changed and blood is more valuable that gold. We cannot give you what we do not have//

This woman was getting more irritating by the second and Dexter was doing everything that he could to stop himself from blowing up down the phone with her.

"I placed an order with you several days ago and I expected it to be here. I want everything that you have on the delivery of the King's blood sent immediately. Do I make myself clear" he growled clutching the handset tighter.

//I do not have the authority to send such documentation without the approval of the distributor and the King himself sir//

That was it, Dexter was not getting anywhere with this woman.

"What sort of company are you running here? You allow me to place an order but you will not allow me to see the documentation of the order I placed! Sent it over now or I shall personally see that the King retracts his funds from your company and place them elsewhere and you shall be living of the state and on food stamps for the rest of your life! You seem to forget who the fuck I am! Now do your fucking job before I do something that I know I will not regret!" he barked ending the call.

Slamming the phone down onto his desk he fumbled and grumbled to himself. He had to get the King some blood, with his recent blood order now god knows where it was leaving Dexter with very limited options. True Blood was getting scarce and fast, there was only a limited amount of time for him to try and locate some blood before heads started to roll.

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