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Controlling The Situation

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Controlling The Situation

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:28 pm

The steel shower faucet sprayed to life as jets of hot water came out of the shower heads from both sides. The shower room quickly filled up with hot steam as the shower got hotter to the temperature that he desired. Bill needed something to distract his thoughts from the lack of blood that was circulating within his system, he had also noticed that his crystal vases's no longer contained blood.

He had been expecting Dexter to re-fill them at any moment. But right now he would given anything for some blood, bottled or human. Bill could not take the chance that one of his human staff were infected with Hep V and he could not allow Jessica to become infected after seeing what happened with Brianna.

Exhaling with a deep sigh, he stepped in as the water around him started to soak in to every nook of his body. The hot water cascaded over his body in the forms of streams and waterfalls, he rested his hands against the wall and pushed against it, causing his muscles to stretch. His body needed blood and soon, he was not sure how much longer he could last without fresh blood.

With no sign of a cure and the human media press trying to exploit every death and link it to vampires. With no AVL or Vampire Authority around any more to control the situation it was left down to the monarch's in every state to control what was in there kingdom.

Bill continued to let the wall fall down his back as his eyes locked down at the drain by his feet, with the human press soon to be rallying downstairs within the hour so that he could try and attempt to control the situation. He had sent everything that he had over to Sam Merlotte that he had requested but had heard nothing back.

Bill was not looking forward to this press conference and with Dexter already planning ahead with extra security and holding out the anti-vampire protests that were gathering outside the gates. He could not afford for anything to go wrong tonight. Turning off the faucet Bill he reached for a towel and wrapped it around his waist and padded out of the shower cubicle. He did not want to think of what lay ahead, but all he did know was that he needed some blood....and soon.

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