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The Early Years - The Girl of his dreams

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual The Early Years - The Girl of his dreams

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:42 am

Jason could feel his heat pounding in his chest, his palms were beginning to sweat as he felt as though he had lost his voice. Jason never paid any attention to Mr Rivers in Math but someone else had captured his attention - Joanna Lopez.

The Early Years - The Girl of his dreams  Vertic10

He could feel the sweat tricking down the back of his neck soaking his new shirt that his mama had bought him. He played with his pencil as his eyes never left her beautiful face, he watched as she wrote down in her note book. His mouth had gone dry, he scratched his neck as his sweat irritated him burst a few pimples that he had there. He had never seen someone like her before, an angel. She was new to Bon Temps as her father was in the army or something like that. He did something in cars from what Jason could remember.

"Jason Stackhouse! Eyes up front!" Mr Rivers called to him tapping his hand on his desk.

Snapping his head to the front all eyes were now on him as he sunk further into his desk.

"Now tell me Jason what did I just say?" Mr Rivers questioned him.

Jason quickly glanced at the board to try and answer the question.

"Four?" Jason muttered.

The class erupted in fits of giggles around him as Jason glanced over his shoulder to see Joanna giggling with them.

"Four?....Your answer is four? This is history Jason - Why did the Civil War occur?" Mr Rivers repeated his question

The class erupted into more giggling as Mr Rivers did not look impressed at all continuing to scan around the room.

"Miss Lopez would you care to enlighten us?" he asked showing irritating in his voice.

Joanna stopped giggling to answer "Because The Union did not want any more slavery but, The Confederate wanted it to stay" she beamed.

No sound was made, a pin could be heard due to the class looking on to Mr Rivers.

"Correct....Now Stackhouse if you pay attention!" he barked at Jason.

Jason sulked in his chair as Mr Rivers began talking about something else, since when did Mr Rivers teach history? Jason glanced over his shoulder to look at Joanna who was smiling at him. She was smart and pretty and she knew stuff about war.

Jason Stackhouse was in love.

The Early Years - The Girl of his dreams  JasonGif12

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