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The Early Years - Curiosity

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual The Early Years - Curiosity

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sat Apr 19, 2014 6:37 am

"Did you get it Hoyt!" Jason squirmed at him looking over his shoulder looking out for his grams.

Hoyt Fortenberry dashed into Jason's room and hopped onto the bed holding something up his shirt. Jason slammed his door closed and climbed into the seat next to his bed.

"Give it here Hoyt!" he scrambled pulling the magazine out from underneath Hoyt's shirt and lay it on the bed "....Holy gazunga's" he looked on wide eyed.

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"Look at those girls....Do you think we will ever get one of them?" Hoyt quizzed drooling over the front page girl.

"I will...Joanna could be on the front of this one day and I am gonna marry her" he grinned in a boyish like manner.

He instantly began flipping through the magazine until he stopped on the centre page and both of their jaws dropped open.

"I am gonna marry her one day" Hoyt assured Jason.

Jason scoffed chuckling "You ain't gonna marry no one Hoyt Fortenberry unless you talk to a girl"

"I talk to girls" Hoyt grumbled sitting up on Jason's bed.

"Your mama don't count" he teased Hoyt.

Jason fell silent as he began scanning through the pictures of the magazine as he stopped on another half naked girl.

"Jason? What is an orgasm?" Hoyt looked on confused.

Shrugging "I don't know...I guess you can probably get them at the store" he suggested.

"JASON STACKHOUSE!" Adele Stackhouse shouted at Jason and snatched the filthy magazine from him and folded it under her arm.


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