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The Early Years - My first kiss went a little like this

Jason Stackhouse
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Sexual The Early Years - My first kiss went a little like this

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:02 am

Date - February 14th ~ Valentines Day Dance

Grams had dropped Jason and Joanna off at the school for the yearly Valentine's dance. Jason had been dreading it all day, he had been teased by Hoyt and his gang for even going and especially since he was taking a girl. He had broken the number one rule 'girls stink' rule. But Jason paid no attention to it. Jason waved off his Grams who promised to pick them both up at eight when the dance ended. He could already see all the other girls there in bright coloured dresses but there was only one girl that had Jason's attention and that was Joanna. 

"Should we go inside?" Jason stuttered uncomfortably.

Joanna simply nodded and took his hand as led him into the gym though the side entrance. The gym that was once filled with bleachers and soccer nets was now filled with streamers of pink and red. Purple balloons were scattered all over the floor and glitter sparkled everywhere. Jason felt like he had walked into Sookie's room. He could see Sookie talking with Tara Thornton over by the punch bowl and snacks.

There was a song on that Jason recognized as his mama used to play it all the time, it made him think of his mama and daddy dancing in the kitchen.

"Do you want to dance Jason?" Joanna asked him grinning.

There was no one else dancing so Jason shook his head "Want to sit down?" he asked changing the subject completely.

Joanna sighed as she headed to a cluster of seats where all the other girls were sitting down chatting among each other. Jason didn't want to be near them, so he sat at the farther end of the gym with Joanna following him. 

"....You look pretty" Jason whispered so that no one else could hear him.

Joanna blushed as she flattened out her dress "My mama chose it for me. I like purple, it's my favourite colour" she admitted batting her eyelashes.

Jason fell silent no sure what else to say to the girl sitting next to him, he didn't think his first ever date would be like this. He was so confident staring at her from across the class room but now sitting here he was uncomfortable. 

"I like you Jason Stackhouse" she muttered under her breath.

".......Thanks I guess" was all that he could say in return

Jason scanned the gym to see that no one was really paying attention to him so he gathered up the courage and turned in his seat and before someone saw him. He quickly leaned forward and placed a kiss on Joanna's cheek.

Joanna turned around to meet his gaze blushing and batting her eyelashes "Should we go and kiss under the bleachers?" she grinned.

Jason didn't need to answer as Joanna stood and took his hand leading him to the bleachers and away from everyone.

The Early Years - My first kiss went a little like this JasonGif12

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