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The Early Years - The First Time

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual The Early Years - The First Time

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:16 am

Date - Senior Prom (The night before the big football game)

For weeks the senior prom was all that Jason Stackhouse could think about and it was not because of all the dancing and the spiked punch that was on his mind. The whole idea of dancing in public made his palms sweat at the mere thought of it. Ever since Joanna he had not been having a good time with the girls, everyone wanted to be his date. It had come down to the day before senior prom when Jason realized that he did not have a date, gathering what courage he had he asked one girl in his class who also didn't have a date - Molly Johnson.

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She was pretty and she looked like the kind of girl who knew how to have fun, she was always getting into trouble from smoking in the girls locker room. But what the heck, Jason knew what tonight meant for the guys in his class. After the dance there was going to be a big bonfire by the lake just outside town, his tent was already pitched in his spot.

Jason was glad that he had invited Molly because she did not like dancing which was great for him. They had both decided to go ahead to the lake and get the bonfire started. After sneaking some beers into his tent earlier that day and hidden them. Leaving Molly by the tent Jason had begun to collect the wood for the centre already have matches to light it with. Ten minutes later the wood was now burning warming the already warm night.

The Early Years - The First Time Camp-fire

Sitting next to Molly who was now drinking a can of beer handing an open one to Jason.

"The fire is hot" Jason broke the silence.

Molly spluttered on her beer spilling it on her dress "Fires are usually hot Jason" she giggled.

"Oh yeah" he joked playing along and sipping on his beer.

"So are we gonna do it?" Molly broke the silence.

This time it was Jason's turn to splutter on his beer having a coughing fit and turned to see Molly was already in the tent.

"Do it?" Jason repeated.

"Sex Jason, its tradition...You never done it before?" she looked on curiously.

Jason shook his head "I have....by myself but not with a girl" he admitted.

Quickly draining his beer he tossed the empty can outside of the tent and climbed inside turning to lock up the tent so that no one saw them.

"...I don't have any..." he admitted shyly.

Molly seemed to know exactly what he meant and reached into her purse and pulled out a condom and tossed it to him.

"Put it on then" she giggled as she began pulling down her panties and tossing them to the side of her "Go on, I won't look" she promised.

Jason held the condom and looked down at his Johnson as he had named it proudly and pulled down the zip on his pants revealing his already hard Johnson. He had never used a condom before so he was a little unsure, tearing it open he could feel the oily material. He remembered Gary telling him to pinch it at the top and put it on. Un-rolling the condom he pinched the top and rolled it over his Johnson.

"You ready Stackhouse?" Molly asked laying back waiting for him.

".....I guess...." he looked on worriedly, not knowing what to do with himself. 

Using what knowledge he had from seeing all the video's that Gary had on video he shifted across the tent floor to Molly throwing himself over her.

"Ouch! No so rough Jason" she cried out from the sudden weight on top of her "Now put it in" she whispered to him.

Put it in? So this was it. Jason shifted again and he could feel where he needed to be and slid his Johnson inside of her and grumbled to himself. Bingo! 

"Now move Jason" Molly encouraged him.

And that is exactly what Jason Stackhouse did. He began rocking his hips unsteadily using his arms to support himself and building a fast rhythm, with his tongue hanging out his mouth he pumped his hips up and down. Molly lay beneath him still as a board with a broad grin on her face watching him with amusement. He could already feel himself building to something that was different that doing it with himself. Throwing his head back he let out a pained cry that lasted a few minutes.

Instantly Molly pushed Jason away from her leaving Jason on his butt with his lower half exposed.

"You came out...You didn't stay in" she grumbled.

Jason looked down at his Johnson to see the condom still on filled with his spent erection "I what?...I stayed in" he looked on shockingly.

"No you didn't Jason...I need to go home" she looked on defeated as she collected her panties and slid them back on pulling down her dress.

"Wait!..I can do it again. I can stay in this time....Don't go" Jason pleaded with her.

Molly had already gathered his things and was pushing past Jason to get out of the tent dusting and smoothing her dress down "It was fun while it lasted" she grumbled and disappeared into the dark on her way home leaving Jason alone.

Jason removed then condom and quickly spotted that the condom had split as he held it at eye level.

The condom had split!

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