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The Tracking Begins Again.

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual The Tracking Begins Again.

Post by Dexter Coleman on Sun May 04, 2014 8:50 am

Following through with the King's request that all human staff were to remain time tabled to the day time and were to vacate the premises until the following morning. Dexter was always prepared for every possible outcome, always carrying with him a gun loaded with silver bullets. He knew the King's temper was fierce when he got carried away and he was not about to take any risks with his own life. Ever since the departure of Miss Griffen the King had been less active and he put that down to why. 

Without knowledge of the King, Dexter was already searching through every channel that he had access to locate Miss Griffen. He had spent weeks tracing back her history to Mississippi and to Russell Edgington. But from there the tracks went cold, he had looked into her finances and could see that she had not withdrawn any money from her accounts in the last couple of weeks, and her business accounts remained the same.

They only conclusion that he come up with was not one that he wished to express to the King right now, not until he had all the information that he could gather. Tapping away on the keyboard of his laptop he scanned the missing person's file from the Louisiana police department. The trail went cold again, Dexter could not understand it. But still he could not give an answer as to why and where she had disappeared too. 

He would only alert the King when he could not find any more information about her and where she had gone. From what Dexter could remember, he had heard of the King and Miss Griffen speak of a young child named Sophie. That was a new lead for him to take, he only hoped that it didn't lead down the same way with her as it did with Miss Griffen.

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