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For his Pleasure

Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual For his Pleasure

Post by Kiara Griffen on Fri May 09, 2014 11:14 pm

William had delivered well on his promise to break her. He had started with his usual knives and such but he wasn’t satisfied with her reactions. He needed, no he craved for her screams. He had her strapped on a rotating cross. Her naked bloody body was enticing but it was missing something.

Kiara groaned. She was in pain, her blood now all spilt on the floor. She’d done exactly like Max said. She hadn’t really fought him on anything, she’s let out hisses and groans of pain here and there. She hadn’t made any smart comments or incited his anger but he still wouldn’t release her for the night. She was facing him in the dungeon as he seemed to be fetching his next tool of torture.

William put on a glove before he brought over a solid silver bar. He grinned as he looked at Kiara. “Now now luv… you’ve done good so far…but not good enough” he said as he pressed the bar against the valley between her breasts. She hissed and closed her eyes, her fangs already out from the pain. Gods the silver hurt like a mother. It burned her skin and made the most unpleasant odor fill the room. William pulled the bar back to admire his work. It was good but not enough but her expression was making him hard. He was suddenly struck by an idea.

He turned the cross over so she was upside down, her spread legs now where his face was where he was eye level with her most private area. He unzipped his trousers, letting his half erection spring free.

“Suck my cock” he ordered as he pressed the bar against her thigh. She actually screamed, the skin on her thigh being much more sensitive. He took advantage of her scream to shove his member into her mouth and fuck her like this. She growled, his cock inside her mouth. She had to resist the urge to hurt him and remember what Max had told her. She had to submit, she had to play the good slave.

William grinned. Her mouth was good but it was missing something, something to take him over the edge. It was only when he looked down at her sex that he realized what was missing. He took the silver rod which was only about an inch in diameter and he shoved it into her body.

The most mind boggling pain flooded her and she genuinely screamed. Blood tears came out of her eyes and she struggled and shook as much as she could to get away. Never had she felt the level of pain she was experiencing at the moment. It nearly made her pass out on the spot. She forgot everything, forgot that she was supposed to be good. All she could think was to get away or for someone to behead her and grant her sweet mercy.

William groaned in pleasure. Her screams made his cock vibrate in the most delicious way that it didn’t take him long to explode in her mouth. He still fucked her like this, moving with vampire speed until he released himself yet again. Her screams hadn’t stopped once and it had made her like a vibrating sex toy to his member. After a good hour of having his way he pulled his cock out. Her screams filled the room still, loud and filled with pain. This is what he craved. She was broken by his hand. She kept moving in her restraints, clearly not caring about her own body as the restraints dug into her wrists and ankles, nearly severing those parts off her body.

The pain hadn’t stopped one bit. She had even choked on what William kept depositing in her mouth. Blood was pouring out of her nose and eyes. She’d do anything to make the pain stop. “P-please… please…mercy” she pleaded, not caring at this point. William smirked. “You must beg correctly luv… “ he said, crouching down to look at her expression. Seeing the blood, his own fluids all over her face brought a special sense of satisfaction.

“P-please….master… please.. make it stop” she begged again, on the verge of passing out. William shrugged. It was as good as it was going to get with his willful pet so he stood up straight, zipped up his trousers and yanked out the silver bar from her core, giving it one last pass against the folds of her sex which elicited another scream from her before all was suddenly quiet. He looked down to see her unconscious. He tisked. He’d have to teach her stamina next but now without her screams he grew quickly bored. So he left her strung up on the device, tossed the silver bar that was coated in gore and other unspeakable things to the corner before he left the room to hunt for another woman to drain for the night.

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