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Sam Merlotte
Sam Merlotte

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Post by Sam Merlotte on Sat May 17, 2014 10:04 pm

He opened the door to the meeting room and looked around at all the signs that said 'Vote Sam Merlotte for Mayor' among other things that were political campaign related. Looking around as he walked in, he tried to take it all in. Only a week ago did he agree to run and now this....this was just all too much.

"We have everything set and ready Mr. Merlotte. Your interview with the local TV station will be in a few hours so we need to go over your question and answers." He looked up to see his adviser come in and begin listing his to do list. Running a hand over the back of his neck, he blew out a breath and wondered what he had agreed to.

~Two Weeks Later~

-And as Mayor of this town, I vow to put things back like they were. Family first, all the rest follows. I will ensure the safety of the citizens of Bon Temp and never stop fighting for you. I will merge the supernatural communities of this town in order to build trust relationships as well as friendships. Together we can end the hate in our small town and begin anew, start fresh and protect ourselves and our families from outside threats. Thank you.-

The applause made him smile, knowing that so many were actually backing him. It was barely a secret anymore in Bon Temps that vampires were not the only type of non human citizens. Most knew of his nature and accepted him, much to his astonishment. He adjusted his tie as he stepped down the stage and went to the back of the crowd, shaking hands along the way. He spotted Nicole who smiled and gave him a wave while rubbing her very large stomach. If he won, his first order of business would be to enact he and Bill's project they had been working on. Vampires and humans....monogamous relationships for feeding and protection. An even trade and a start to building alliances.

After Wednesday, he'd know if he was the new mayor of Bon Temp. He actually felt confident in his win. His opponent was not a great person and luckily most of the town knew it. He was only concerned with money. Sam was more worried about community. He smiled and continued shaking hands, glad that he stepped out of his element and actually went through with it all.

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