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Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue May 20, 2014 10:42 am

Lafayette woke to pages fluttering in an open book laying on the coffee table ,he had been napping on his one day off since sleep has been eluding him at night  .The book was Conjuring -  A guide to meeting the dead  ,Lafayette had been reading more about contacting the spirit realm since his Gran had left him high and dry .He needed her advice and she was no where everything he had tried had left him with a lot of smoke but not much more .He had one spell left that he had found in this last book ,his Gran wasn’t going to like it but she has left him no choice .

“Grandmother Rae you have left me no choice but to bring you forth by force …you wont come to me when asked ..I have asked and pleaded my case to you …I don’t understand you said you would always be there for me …Please come forth and help me …”

The book fluttered again and Lafayette looked over at it ,at first giving it no mind .But then noticing that there was no air moving around so the pages shouldn’t be moving at all .He took the book and looked down at the page it opened up to .It was a tarot reading  but not just any reading it was a reading for the dead from the dead .So what Lafayette would have to do is have a dead person read a dead persons tarot cards to find out what is going to happen next .

“What a load …why can’t this shit be straight forward …its always gots to be this cryptic motha fuckin bullshit …” He says to no one in particular ..

He starts looking over  the actual components to the reading what is needed and how it is to be done .His thinks on how he will have to get two dead people first of all and that seems the easiest of the project ,Willa and Tara will have to be the dead people .As for the rest he will have to start ordering on line ,he should have everything by end of the week .It was going to be an interesting weekend …

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