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What the hell

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual What the hell

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Thu May 22, 2014 12:19 pm

Hearing Willa leave left Lafayette in a daze but able to get up from his little corner of his living room covered in sweat and shaking he reached his couch crumpled down on it and took a deep breath .He should have never gone over the unannounced ,he knew at some point he was going to run into someone feeding but he didn't think it would be Willa .She had sworn up and down that all she drank was synthetic blood and didn't even like the real stuff .She had said all the True Blood was gone and if she wanted to live she had to feed off humans .Well if that was true well then she didn't have a choice but after seeing her feeding he could never be her friend again .

He had made a pack with Tara that he would never see her feed and even though this was by accident he could not get the image out of his head .And the feelings it gave him about being tortured and held captive in the Fangtasia dungeon.He knew that Willa would never hurt him on purpose but now that he has seen her feed off humans he didn't trust her at all .Now he was facing what ever was coming by himself and that didn't bode well for Lafayette .It made getting in touch with his Gran even more important .

But first  he had to finish off his incantations to keep evil spirits out ,he had already took back  his invitation for all vampires  to his home then planed on sealing it with these incantations.After an hour of prayer and smudging his home he was ready to try and contact his Gran ...

He put down five candles and the bronze cup in the center .He opened a vein as a sacrifice and began calling for his Gran  ....

"Great Great Granma Rae please come forth ...I need you ...please come forth ...I need to speak to you please ...Im calling on my Granma Rae please come forth ..."

The candles blow in the breezless living room they shimmer and then go out .The room dims and Lafayette hears a soft whisper ....

"Lafayette why have you called me I showed you what you must do ...have you done this .."

"Gran things have changed I cant have Willa as my protector we must find another way...She cant be the one she is just like all the other vampires .."

"Child this is how it has to be ...nothing has changed ...Willamenia's Granddaughter must be the one to save you ...this is what I see there is no other .."

Then I am doomed ...I wont have that blood sucking baby vamp be my only salvation ...she cant be I will find another way .."

"Listen Lafayette and listen well ...you will die if you refuse her help ...she is your salvation ...she is the only thing standing between you and death .."

"Then I guess I die on my own terms..Now go Gran I have nothing else to say to you ...I have allot to get ready for ..."

He sat on his couch with his arms crossed over his chest and waited for her to leave .She tried a few more time to talk to him but he just sat there unmoving .Giving up Grandmother Rae left the house with a whirl  of wind and crash out the door .Once she was gone he took out a smoke and lite it and started to role a blunt .He was tired and only had what he thought was a very short time to get ready .He took a piece of paper out and a pen and started writing what he need to be ready for what he assumed what was going to be a war.Puffing on his smoke looking at the list he sighed this was going to be one mother fucking fight if he was right .

God he hoped he was wrong....

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