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Simple Saturday

Alcide Herveaux
Alcide Herveaux

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Sexual Simple Saturday

Post by Alcide Herveaux on Sat May 31, 2014 3:56 pm

{He rolled his eyes and flipped the channel on the tv. Bill Compton being interviewed about his stupid book was not something he cared to see. He and Sookie were finally getting back on track after the betrayal. He'd forgiven her and taken another chance that she would not be just like Debbie. He stood and stretched, the house was quiet and Sookie was out running errands. He walked to the back yard where his punching bag hung from a tree and pulled his shirt off. Balling his fists, he began to punch the bag and imagined it as Bill Compton. The bag swung hard with each heavy slam of his fist that impacted it. He side kicked the bag, ducked low and then gave a hard right and left hook.

Sweat beaded on his forehead and slowly ran down the side of his face. His sweaty chest glistened in the sun and his breathing was heavy. Rolling his neck, he went at it for a while longer until he realized he had been working out for two hours. Since he was already out, he decided to grab the lawn mower and mow the grass for Sookie. He missed seeing her lay out in the sun as he cut, Gods that woman looked good in a bikini. He grinned at the thought and decided to do something nice for her.

After cutting the grass he, called to see how long she'd be. Knowing he'd have just enough time, he set out some candles and drew her a bath in the claw foot tub. He took a quick shower so he wasn't filthy and would join her in a mindblowing, hard to forget, bubble bath. He continued to show his impish grin as he prepared everything. Sookie wouldn't know what hit her.}

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