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Going mad

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Going mad

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:22 am

Lafayette had been out of his mind ever since seeing Willa feeding on whoever it was ,he just couldn’t get the image out of his mind .The blood sliding down the back of the guys shoulder while Willa had her mouth around his throat sucking his life force down her throat and enjoying every bit until he made his presence known .She had been to his house a dozen time begging forgiveness for letting him see her feed but and there was always a but with vampires . Lafayette was always told if there is a but in an apology then it was not one at all  ,he tried to get that lesson out of his head but he could not .

He made sure never to go out in the night anymore so he got all his shifts changed to the day ,thank god for Arlene who worked that out for him, so tonight was his last night shift .He was heading into work now with the feeling of dread which he had always every day but it was worse at night .He still needed to talk to Sam but it seemed less urgent now since it didn’t seem to matter what the Grans said everything was going to shit and fast .

As he pulled into work he said a protective prayer and crossed himself then went in .He saw Jessica working tonight which meant James was working as well ,it was going to be a long night .As he got his grove on while the night progressed maybe it wasn’t going to be so bad after all he thought ,then  he ran into James and looked at him in the eyes .What he saw was not the handsome calm kind friendly vampire  that James is but a monster who had dropped fang and was ready to jump on him .Lafayette jumped back and yelled out and went into a defensive stance ready to fight for his life .As James passed him he patted Lafayette on the back and walked on into the kitchen keeping .Lafayette was left in the hall way wondering what the hell went on ,he got up and whipped himself off and looked around to see if anyone saw the interaction and it looked like no one had .He returned to the kitchen keeping an eye on James and tried to wipe the memory away with cooking ,it was a very busy night .

The night wore on without any more issues until closing when he was sitting at the bar having a little night cap .The kitchen was all clean and everything was closed up for another night . James and Jess were just leaving and then Jessica stops and turns over James shoulder to Lafayette and smiles with dropped fang dripping with fresh blood and she waves to him then out the door they go .Lafayette drops his glass it shatters on the floor and with mouth wide open he waves back  then drops to the floor and starts to cry ,could he trust anything he sees .

One of the new dish washers came up to him and asked him what was wrong and he didn't really know how to say it so he just blurted it out ...

"I don't know why Arlene doesn't just fire those vamps they are always sneaking up on yas baring thos fangs cant trust um ..

"Ummm Lafayette Jessica and James haven't been in for days due to the blood shortage.."

"Theys be here tonight I saw them .." taking another glass out and pouring himself another brandy

"Lafayette ...they weren't here tonight...are you sure you are ok ?"

"Aaaa....Yea Im ok ...Yea ...no problem here hookha now go do the rest of ya work I want to leave this place before to much longer .."

Lafayette was freaked out to tell the truth he was beyond freaked out .He didn't know why he was seeing ghosts of live ,sort of alive , vampires and they seem to be wanting to scare him or show him what ,that they are all blood thirsty .He wasn't sure the only sure thing was he wanted this night to end ....

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