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Jason Stackhouse Is Whipped

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Jason Stackhouse Is Whipped

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:26 am

It was a quiet day at the office.

For the first time in many days there was no more dead vampires or bodies laying around Bon Temps. Letting out a sigh as Jason sat at his desk in the station covering another shift for Andy Bellefleur. Kenya was out on a solo patrol in Shreveport responding to a regular human crime. There wasn't many of those happening these days. 

Scanning down the screen of the computer on his desk he needed to keep himself occupied, something to keep his mind of Violet and their argument about why she still refused to sleep with him. She was still torturing him and making him wait, at this rate he was going to explode. Scanning through some sites on the internet he came across a link and clicked on it - GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS.

Feeling himself groan as he quickly closed the screen down, the last thing that he needed right now. All he could think about was sex, sex and more sex. 

Why wouldn't Violet have sex with him? He proved himself over and over by not having sex with any other girl in town.

He had come close to it.

He had proved that he was good enough for her. He had built her the un-ground cubby in his house for her and given her things that he had never given any other girl. Glancing back to the computer screen as the link to the site still continued to flash. 

In the past Jason would have never given a second thought but now with Violet...He was whipped.

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