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Oh god please no ....

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Oh god please no ....

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:49 am

After Tara dropped Willa off at home she was so relieved that the meeting with Bill had nothing to do with her .She had been feeling like she had been making mistakes at every turn lately and wasn’t sure how to correct it .She wanted to be the vampire that Tara could depend on to have her back and trust to make the right decisions. And she questions herself at every turn ,every time she thought she had a good idea or made the right choice it turned out to be the wrong one and screwing everything up even worse than it was  not only for herself but for those around her like Tara and Lafayette.

What was she going to do about Lafayette ,she was suppose to be the one to protecting him not some vampire he doesn’t know .Hopefully Tara can convince him to come to the BBQ and there she can talk him into letting her back into his life ,she missed him a lot .He is such a neat human and a great friend she wishes that she could turn the time back and take that one moment away so she could still have him in her life ,she knows she was better for it .She didn’t have the time to suffer in silence about this she had to get ready and take her and the boys to the BBQ .

“Im almost ready ..how about you guys ?”

“We have been ready for 40 mins Willa ..”

“Oh god has it been that long ...jeeze Ill be right down ..”

Willa finished her hair and the last touches to her make up .She picked out one of Lafayette favorite shirts he said looked nice on her and a pair a skinny jeans, heels and headed down stairs.She met the boys outside and all got into the SUV and headed down to Bellflours for the BBQ.

Once there they could see the festivities were well under way it looked like the whole town was there human and vampire alike .They get out of the SUV and head in to the bar, Willa looked around for Tara and Lafayette but she couldn’t see them anywhere .She left the boys in the bar with a couple of beers and headed back out into the courtyard where the real party was going on  .She walked around not really knowing anyone, only by face ,some by name but mostly she realized she was still an outcast among the town folk .Smiling to everyone she saw and talking here and there with people she kinda knew, she was ever alert for the arrival of Tara and Lafayette.

About an hour into the party she was getting worried that Lafayette was not going to come with Tara .Her heart was sinking and her thoughts were rolling in her mind .She was getting more anxious by the minute they didn’t show .She made her rounds once again trying to look calm and unnoticeable to those around her until she heard that distinguishable rumble of Tara’s car  .She had to compose herself and not run full speed to the parking lot and into Tara’s arms.

She walked ever so swiftly to the entrance to the bar for a better view and saw them coming.Tara looking as beautiful as always and Lafayette looking scared as hell as if ghosts were all around him ,he was caring a huge sack on his back.Willa wondered for a second what that pack was until she looked past them into the night .At first she couldn’t believe what she was seeing .She smiles and waves at Tara and Lafayette so happy that they are there but there is something behind them .

She looks harder in the darkness behind them and then they come into view within seconds uninvited. Her face changes from a smile to horror ,she sees what is coming down the lane from the turn off the main road and it isn’t more friendly party goers .She starts to scream Tara and Lafayette’s name but Lafayette catches on quick and looks behind him and grabs for Tara’s arm and spins her around .Tara looks behind her and reaches for Lafayette , his bag and races for the door...

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