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Doing The Right Thing

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Doing The Right Thing

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:21 am

Crimson blood trickled down the toned fingers of Bill Compton, his sleeves drenched in the blood of the vampires that he had killed to protect the people of Bon Temps. A town that he had promised to protect with his life and those who resided in the town that was once his human home. Every single member of his family were buried in the cemetery between his land and Sookie's. He had made it his goal to made amends for the sins that he had committed in the past. No matter how long it took he would some how do it, even if the True Death claimed him.

But now standing here among the incinerated chicken wings and ribs that now lay scattered across the parking lot. Bill knew that he was heading down the path of never-ending torture. This was his and Mayor Merlotte's plan, to keep the town alive. But they had failed, Bill Compton had failed. The echoing screams of the injured townsfolk who headed towards the bar to seek some sort of refuge after the violent attack from the Hep V vamps. Bill knew that the disease had spread far and was killing vampires within hours, but never before had he seen a group of vampires such as the ones who had attacked the bar.

It seemed as though he had mis-judged everything once again and had allowed himself to lower his guard and now the good folks of Bon Temps were paying for his stupidity once again. Lowering his gaze to his blood stained hands, the innocent blood of the humans and Hep V vampires. Nothing made sense any more. Bill had lost control of everything.

More screams and groans radiated from the survivors of the attack, Bill watched the wolf boy shift and take off through the tree line in hot pursuit of some Hep V vampires. Bill had seen a lot of tragedy through his immortal life, but never had he seen one such as this.

"GET EVERYONE INSIDE THE BAR! THEY MAY COME BACK!" Bill bellowed out to all the able bodied humans who were helping the wounded.

Bill instantly began helping a wounded woman whom he did not recognise and picked her up into his broad arms. Approaching the bar entrance Bill heard an almighty cry that made him stop in his tracks.

'They killed my Tara.....They killed my baby girl'

The Hep V vamps had killed a vampire in his kingdom - Tara Thornton, Pam's only progeny. Bill lowered his head as the nameless woman lay in his arms. Bill knew that this was not the time to pester Sookie about their last meeting. Instead he would leave her with her brother Jason and her friends. The woman groaned in his arms as he headed inside the bar.

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