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Trying to make since

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Trying to make since

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:03 am

Once in alone in his room  Lafayette was able to really grieve for Tara ,he told James that he had done his grieving when Tara had died the first time but that was a lie.Even though he had mourned her human death he had made a bond with her vamp life .He laid on his bed and prayed to his Great Grandmother Rae for some insight into what had happened tonight,nothing made since …

“ Grandma Rae I need your help …nothing makes any God damn since …those infected motha fucking vamps were hunting together …vamps don’t do that …please Grandma I need your help …Tara is dead …they killet our own …I need your help …come to me …please …”

But there was nothing but the cool breeze coming from the fan .He closed his eyes in the hope that if he calmed his mind and heart that she would come to him .He lay there for hours it seems but by the tick tock of the clock minutes were only passing .Frustrated and to keyed up for any of this shit ,he pulled out his bong and had hit after hit  as he  sat in his bed…

“Jesus baby I wish yous was here right now I need someone to talk this shit out with …someone who knew Tara …I really don’t know how to feel about her …Im so sad she is gone but was she really happy as a vamp …I think she was happier as a human and that’s the Tara I miss so much … you would know just the right thing to help me …you always did  …I wish you would come to me and help me out with this shit …”

He slid down back into his bed in the fetal position while reaching for the covers clutching them to his chest he closed his eyes , it was very late yet sleep never took him ..

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