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Baby Girl

Lettie Mae Daniels
Lettie Mae Daniels

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Sexual Baby Girl

Post by Lettie Mae Daniels on Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:32 am

"My baby girl...Tara......Praise the lord baby girl....Tara" Lettie Mae cried.

Lettie Mae's hands skimmed across the wall from her bedroom to the lounge, following an unseen force. With tears streaming down her face, her dress drenched in her daughter's blood. Lettie Mae could not focus on anything.

"Tara....Baby....Mama is here baby girl....Tara.....Tara baby.....You stay strong now you here" she cried once again.

Lettie Mae continued to stumble from room to room following her baby girl. She heard her husband the Reverend call out to her but she ignored him.

"She's calling to me......My baby girl.....Jesus is going to take care of you baby girl....Tara.....Tara baby..." she cried again.

Finding herself in the kitchen Lettie Mae headed straight towards the counter and pulled out a sharp blade to her forearm.

"My baby needs to feed.....Let me nourish my Tara" she ended with another cry and slowly began to pierce her arm watching blood trickle down her arm.

Reverend Daniels appeared in the kitchen and rushed over to his grieving wife and snatched the blade from her hand.

"Lettie Mae! It's the vampire blood in your system....We need to get you back to bed" he ordered grabbing hold of a cloth and wrapping it around her bleeding arm.

"But she's here....My baby....My little baby girl" she whimpered.

Reverend Daniels guided Lettie Mae towards their bedroom, and helped her to the bed and lay her down. He hated seeing his wife like this. She always spoke of Tara and what she had become, she wanted to go to her sooner but being a vampire kept her away. 

"Shhhhh. Sleep now....It will feel better in the morning" he promised her.

Lettie Mae's head was all over the place, she wanted to scream, she wanted to cry even more. She could see her baby girl....Her Tara.

"She's a good girl my Tara....God loves my baby......" she ended in a hushed whisper and let sleep take her.

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