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Working Together Despite The Hate

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Working Together Despite The Hate

Post by Bill Compton on Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:54 am

Bill Compton knew that Andy Bellefleur hated him, more than hate There was no words that he could say to change that. In his lust for saving the vampires taken to Vamp Camp he let himself become blinded and use anyone that he could to save them. That included his Fae daughters - Braelyn, Charlaine and Danika. There was nothing that he could do to bring them back. Bill knew himself what it was like to loose a child so young, his youngest son Thomas who had died at a very young age.

That was why Bill was willing to do anything to save Jessica, she was all that he had left and could not loose her. In the back of his mind he hoped that maybe by helping Andy find his family Holly and Arlene that there could be a glimmer of forgiveness that would come. But yet again, Bill could only hope.

That was all that Bill did these past few weeks - hope. That maybe one day he would return to the man he once was before he became a vampire. That was all that he wanted. He did not want to be this man that everyone loathed and hated, he wanted to make amends for everything that he had done. No matter how long it took.The curse of immortality.

Upon entering the slaughter house Bill scanned out whilst Andy called for Holly and Arlene, but Bill heard nothing. Not a peep. Waves of a rotting corpse soon swirled around him, and lucky for Bill he had become accustomed to it. Something Bill was not proud of but in times like this he was glad that he was able to stop breathing to block out the deathly scent. Pulling back the plastic covers Bill and Andy soon found out the cause of the rotting foul smell.

Working Together Despite The Hate Death10

They were not prepared for this.

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