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Call of Duty

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Post by Bill Compton on Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:40 am

Bill Compton watched Sheriff Andy Bellefleur drive off his estate. He had already given the guards their orders that he was permitted to enter the estate without delay. On paper Andy was family to Bill but of course Bill knew otherwise, they would never be family. Bill knew the only reason why Andy had not killed him yet was because he needed him to help find Arlene and Holly.

In time Andy would try and if it meant that Andy could get justice for his daughters then Bill would grant him that. The loss of a child was something that Bill knew very well, he had lost his family that very night Lorena had brought him home to see them one last time. Craning his head to his front porch a memory came to light, that fateful day that he willingly walked away from his family as a human.

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That day he would never truly see his family again.

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~~~~~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK 1862 ~~~~~~~~~~~

William could feel the warm basking sunlight break through the drapes of his bedroom, warming his flesh as he let his eyes flutter open adjusting to the glorious light. William had been dreading this day for a while now. Today was the day that he would be leaving with Tolliver Humphries to go to the front line. He knew Caroline did not want him to go but what sort of man would he be if he did not go to war? He would be seen as a coward and that's something that he was not.

Pulling back the blankets and swinging his legs out from underneath them he stood to his feet and waded towards the large window and pulled back the drapes. Basked in the warmth of the morning sun, William could hear the laughter of his daughter Sarah and the joyous cry of his newborn son Thomas

A smirk spread across his sullen face, a scene that he would treasure whilst in the heat of battle and death. Feeling a pair of arms wrap around his waist he knew the gentle touch of his wife Caroline Compton.

"Did you sleep well my William?" she cooed softly as her chin rested barely on the tip of his broad shoulders.

William continued to gaze out onto his land watching their servant Ida watch over their offspring "As well as can be expected" he whispered.

Caroline let out a heart filled sigh "I do wish that you did not have to go William. A war that is filled with death and loss...The children need their father and their mother" she whimpered.

William remembered many nights that he and Caroline had fought over his decision to go to war, it was something that he needed to do. He could not stand back and watch all those men and boys whom he had grown up with leave him behind. A traitor to his country and to the town of Bon Temps.

"I have prayed to god....My prayers and your love shall keep me alive" William promised turning from the window to face his wife Caroline.

"I have spent these last few days praying to another god my William. She will keep you safe and bring you back to me. Back to us" she whispered "I do not give my heart to the god that you keep in your heart but another, one that guides us with Fate. She is the one that will light the way home for you" she told him.

William sighed "I believe you....I believe in your words Caroline. Whether it be my god or your god, they shall both keep me safe" he promised her.

Wrapping his arms around his wife's waist William pulled her body close to his own as he gently placed a kiss on her soft velvet like lips. With his eyes gazing down at her softly, William knew that he would come back.

".....I promise you....I will always come back.." he ended in a soft whisper.

~~~~~~~~~~~END OF FLASHBACK ~~~~~~~~~~~

Bill did not know that day that he had been lying to his wife Caroline. In his heart he knew that he would come back. But it was just now how he expected it to be.....A monster.

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