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Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Damn....

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:27 pm

She looked around the bedroom. It looked like the flight attendants had fixed everything she’d broken.

“That’s gonna cost a fortune” she muttered to herself as she made her way to the bathroom. She hadn’t noticed it now but there was an electronic panel that controlled everything in the bathroom and it even played music through speakers in the wall. She scrolled for a bit until she found a selection of really nice classical music.

With soft violins in the air she headed into the bathroom. This time she set a plush bathroom ready and dimmed the lights as the bright lights with the pale tile made everything just too reflective for her very sensitive eyes. She used the smaller display screen inside the shower to turn on the water jets to a warm temperature. She didn’t think vampires could feel cold but she wasn’t used to not being overly warm blooded still.

She stepped inside, the jets of water making steam rise like ribbons that caressed her skin. She closed her eyes, needing a moment to let the water wash away everything, to not think and pretend she wasn’t Kiara for a few minutes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~one year ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
She groaned. Every muscle from the chest up protested. She’d been up most of the day when she should have been sleeping helping to move furniture for the King’s guests. Why Compton had wanted furniture moved to a specific arrangement was beyond her, but he signed her paycheck so she couldn’t complain.

She reached for her shampoo, going through the normal ritual of washing her hair. Once that was done however she just stood there for a bit, letting the water rinse off the stray bubbles that clung to her back. So relaxed she was that she didn’t hear or notice her boss approaching until he was right behind her.

He touched her shoulder, having been watching her for several minutes. He had it bad. She invaded his thoughts and tonight more than ever. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t spent too much time with her in the past few weeks, perhaps it was the company he was about to invite to his home but he felt possessive, territorial. She was his, by blood and body and he had the childish thought of keeping Kiara locked in his room, far away from anyone other than himself. Having watched her lather and wash her hair had made him hard, harder than he thought he could be by just watching someone.

He couldn’t contain himself. He had disposed of his clothes and climbed in behind her, knowing he’d startled her.

She jumped, turning her head before registering it was Bill behind her. “Don’t DO that… you know I tend to kill first and ask questions later” she said, trying to calm her racing heart. Bill merely grinned, pulling her back flush up against his front.

“I don’t want you down there” he growled against her shoulder before kissing her wet skin. She frowned. He didn’t want her at his gathering?

“Why not?” she asked, very much aware of his wondering hand that was now down her left side, making its way to her hip. He growled again, not a man to share his fears with anyone, especially to reveal the real reason why he didn’t want her anywhere near his sitting room tonight. He debated making an excuse, but in the end he couldn’t because the reason…it made his blood boil irrationally.

“Northman is coming…” he said finally, clearly even the name leaving an unpleasant name in his mouth. She frowned even more. So what if the Viking was coming?

“So? He’s been here before loads of times… why care now?” she asked, using her hand to stop his wondering hand which had gone from her hips and had been moments from finding the junction between her legs.

He growled, one for the fact that he was revealing something personal, but second because she’d stopped him from distracting her line of questioning. “You.are.Mine” he said with a tone so absolute that any lesser man would back off. “He…is known for wanting to steal what is mine” he added.

She rolled her eyes. Really? That’s what had him all up in arms?

“Honestly Bill…. You think so little of me that I’d sleep with Eric or something?” she asked, feeling mildly offended.

“I worked for him for 2 years before knowing you and not once did he ever want sex, nor did I want it from him. He’s cold, he’s a manipulative asshole. I tend to avoid men like that like the plague” she added, looking at him seriously.

Bill couldn’t help but smirk. “So am I…. I manipulate those to achieve my ends… so why are you with me?” he asked, trying to pull his hand free from hers to tease her.

“Because….I’ve seen your heart Bill…” she said, turning in his arms to stop his insistent hand. “… you’re kind… you’re gentle… not only with me but with others. I know that you’d never be so cold towards me” she said, peering into his blue eyes.

He looked directly into hers and was lost. He had to have her now, had to remind himself, both as man and vampire that she was his, willingly his. Unlike Sookie, he had no agenda with her, she had come willingly to him, knowing him for what he was, not naïve to relationships.

Yes…. She was his and not even Eric Northman would change that.

He growled, shoving her roughly against the tile wall and crushing his lips against hers. Not wasting a second as he lifted her leg enough so his throbbing cock could invade her. He swallowed her moan, thrusting hard into her, every thrust pushing away the thoughts of doubt he’d allowed himself to have.

He’d fuck her tonight. This wasn’t making love. This was sex, raw and primal. He would emerge tonight smelling of her, and she of him. He would walk tonight among his sheriffs a man in possession of a woman they could only dream of. A wild beast only he could tame and who only pined for his attention.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Present Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kiara jerked out of her thoughts, feeling something weird on her face. She touched her cheek, finding watered down blood. She’d been crying and hadn’t noticed. Damn Bill… Damn him for having shown her decency and love only to renegade on his promise and discard her like a used tissue. Damn vampires for thinking they could toy with her mind, her body and soul only to grow bored and assume she would just take their abuse lying down.

And damn Max… for showing her a drop of kindness that now brought forth memories she wish she could forever purge from her mind.

Damn.... 10sakoy

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