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Still No Response

Dexter Coleman
Dexter Coleman

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Sexual Still No Response

Post by Dexter Coleman on Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:59 pm

Dexter had still not heard anything from Judith, he had been calling her for several hours now since she had not replied to his message. He needed to know that she was okay that she was safe. Dexter did not know why he felt the need to keep checking on her. The only thing that he could put it down to was that she understood him better than anyone else. 

Sure he worked for the King but the King did not truly know him only what skills he had and what he could do with them. But other than that, nothing. Dexter was a very private person and did not reveal very much about his history to anyone, it was one of the reasons why the King hired him. Dexter could slip under the radar when required because he was not on the human system.

But right now all he cared about was finding Judith. Approaching one of the guards who was new to the team and was still learning the way of things.

"You. What's your name!" Dexter barked at him.

The young guard turned to him "Philip....sir" he stuttered.

"Philip. I want you to listen. If anyone asks where I have gone, I want you to tell them that I am out on business. Understood!" Dexter barked at him again.

Philip nodded repeatedly "Is this.....Is this a test?" he stuttered.

An idea!

"Yes....Your first test, pass and we will talk about re-location. Understood?" he spoke in a much calmer tone.

Without giving the boy a chance to speak Dexter brushed past him towards the exit of the Compton mansion. Heading straight to his SUV he hopped inside and started the engine. He knew Judith was staying at the motel just outside of Bon Temps, he only hoped that she stayed.

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