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Good ol times

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Good ol times

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:48 am

“ It’s a good thing its early on in the eve or this old hookah wouldn’t have been in such a willing state to give my tasty morsels to baby Red …now it has set me back a few getting my mother fuckin grove on …” he spoke to the wind as he sped through the night back home .

He wasn’t new to grief or suffering but the goings on the last couple of days had Lafayette turning to his escape of choice which was anything that could let him leave behind the horror that was going on around him .Bringing up Jesus while talking to Jessica almost tore him apart inside .He was missing Jesus something awful these days,he missed just being with him .He needed to get home and fast these memories of him and their past were threatening to break free and he couldn’t have that .He was almost home ,for tonight it was the new arrival of Mary Jane and her loving brother Jack Daniels to help him through and they all planned to have a grand ol time .

He walked into his home turned on all the lights ,closed all the curtains and turned on some Bob Marley  .He sauntered up to his bar and made himself a very strong  Jack and coke drank it down , made another slammed that and had a third before he decided it was ok to take it back to the couch to sit down .He packed his bong and lit it up he inhaled tasting the earthy sweetness of the herb fill his lungs ,as he exhaled he felt relaxed for the first time .As he continued to smoke  a calmness came over him ,he leaned back into the couch drank his Jack and wondered what the hell was going to happen next ….

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