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Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? (or Sookie Stackhouse...How to Own that PFV!)


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Sexual Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? (or Sookie Stackhouse...How to Own that PFV!)

Post by Clotho on Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:10 pm

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? (or Sookie Stackhouse...How to Own that PFV!) 10615808_1444851645796022_1360280087_n

Mount Olympus

*Atropos was pissed and didn't hesitate to make sure Cloie knew it as she stormed into their joint Relaxation Chamber, Lacy fast on her heels. Cloie, curled up on the royal purple chaise lounge and reading a fascination book called Circle of Secrets by Lauren Tisdale, growled low when Atty smacked the book from her hands.

"What. The. Fuck. Cloie?" Atty snarled. "Eric Northman was supposed to die and now, when I went to cut his fucking thread…guess what? I can't. He lives and I would know why! I've waited YEARS to snip that particular thread. I was even willing to lead him over myself. He's hot. I'd tap that harder than Fred Astaire. I smell you all over this, sister."

Cloie narrowed violet eyes on her sister and remained sitting, crossing tiny arms stubbornly across her chest. "I, for once, did nothing."

"You are so full of shit, Cloie! You refuse to give me Sarah Newlin's thread….do I need to spell it out?"

Cloie shrugged while Lacy groaned and shook her head. "No. But Sarah is still needed. For now. When she fulfills HER purpose, I will most happily hand that bitch over to you with no more stalling."

Lacy tittered and even Atty's eyes widened at the slur. Cloie never cursed unless something moved her strongly.

"What about Sookie Stackhouse?" Atty paced wildly, jumping back as her tiny sister sprang up, a flash of white and crimson streaking her eyes.

"You will leave Sookie alone, Atropos. She is under my special care."

Atty groaned. "Bit. All of fucking Bon Temps seems to be under YOUR care. You coddle those freaks and tamper about and never think about it. Your fucking heart rules every move you make. Ugh. They should rename that piss hole to Clo's Swamp. Whatever. Fuckyouverymuch…" A blast of smoke and Atty was gone while Lacy pinched the bridge of her nose and weighed the odds of getting Cloie to see her way through. Yeah. No. Offering Cloie a smile, she simply left the room and once she was gone, the baby Goddess let down her guard and stuck her tongue out, stomping the floor childishly. It did nothing more than put a huge hole in the marble.

Yes, she favored many in Bon Temps but that was her curse and her blessing.

However, it was Sookie Stackhouse she had most in common with and that was why she felt much affection for her Sookeh Cookeh.

A soft smile wreathed her face as she remembered their first meeting…

Growing up with a living, breathing demon inside of her had taught the Goddess that when the beast howled to be fed, she best feed it! Over time, she had taken to visiting many spots in the world where vicious animals lived, the kind that would tear a human apart, tear their flesh from their bones. Demolish them so entirely, no trace would ever be found of them.

Louisiana, with its savage gators and swampy, marshy lands gave her both the cover she needed and the prey she sought.  

Today had been just such a day and as she wrestled with a  gigantic gator, his razor sharp teeth snapping trying to bite her with morbid fury, she heard the cry.

The cry of a child in pain.

Flashing off the animal, she wagged a finger his way. "Lucky lucky day." Glancing down at her swamp stained gown, the material wet with water and some of her blood as well as the old gator's she waved a hand, instantly clean, hair hanging down her back in a thick, icy braid.

The cry came once more, so full of heartache and despair, she followed it and found a tiny girl, near the edge of the forest. Wracking sobs shook the small body, the sunlight bouncing off the child's golden head.

"Child, what's wrong?"

The girl, clearly startled jumped back, almost tripping over a cluster of rocks, her huge eyes full of fear as she spied the Goddess. And yet, her voice was steady and polite. "Oh. Nothing, ma'am."

"It can hardly be nothing, sweetheart. You're crying. Are you hurt? Has someone harmed you?" Cloie moved closer, shuffling slowly so she didn't startle the girl. And pulled the rare act of reading a human mind to gain the information she needed. Sookie Stackhouse. Sister of Jason. Parents were dead and she was in the care of her grandmother, Adele. Sookie was possessed of the rare ability to read mind herself. A trait inherited by either divine heritage or…


Oh. Oh my…how wonderful…

Smiling, she pulled out of Sookie's head, seeing the whole of the girl's life in one heartbeat and sank down to near eye level with 8 year old but made no move to touch her. "Never let anyone make you feel bad for being different, Sookie Stackhouse. You are as you are meant to be…"



Raised voices, one feminine and full of Southern fire was followed by a younger, masculine tone.

"Oh shoot. Gran!" Quickly, the sprite wiped her tears and stood up, looking up at Cloie with curiousity. "What are you? Ya ain't ..human, are you?"

Flustered, Cloie could only blink and watch as Sookie ran off, disappearing in some brush, not even waiting for answer…

Sookie Stackhouse. A most unusual name. A most unusual girl. Cloie took great interest in Sookie for the next few years. She never let herself be seen by the girl. Yet, it was almost as if Sookie knew there was another presence around. She would grow very still and quiet, bright eyes seeking out…what?

Being what she was, she was able to travel dimensions and realms easily so it was no great feat to seek out Niall Brigant, the progenitor of Sookie's Fae line. A nice man, Niall. For a fairy. But a bit detached. He seemed frightened of the Goddess and her interest in his kin but she assured him she was offering him her help if he ever needed her. For Sookie's sake.

The next time Sookie physically laid eyes on the Goddess was the year she turned 17. A busted out date and her refusal to "put out" had gotten the southern lass a long walk home along a roughly graveled road under the moonlight. Cloie was there, of course, simply watching but keeping herself veiled.

Or so she thought.

"Ya'll can come out now. I can feel you there." Sookie's sweet voice called out, startling the Goddess who was actually walking at her side.

Cloie stopped, blinking and deciding her next course of action when Sookie huffed.

"Are you that pretty lady? The one who is always watching me but no one ever sees?"


Manifesting slowly into Sookie's field of vision, Cloie simply stared at the pretty teenager. "Uh. How did you know?"

Sookie shrugged, turning her back and keeping on her path. "I see you sometimes. Not all the time. Once in a while. You watch me a lot. Who are you?"

Cloie, nonplussed hurried to catch up with her. "Ah. Well…."

"I used to think I was crazy, you know? Seeing you and yet when I'd look again, you'd be gone. Then I realized that the most peaceful times of my life is when you are around. I can't hear nothin'. Nothing. And Lord knows it feel good to have the peace."  

Moonlight danced off Sookie's hair as she turned to glance at Cloie. "Its like I'm in this bubble with you. Now, I realize most folks think us little more than rednecks 'round here but I have a brain and a sharp one. What are you? I know you're not…normal. Are you…like me?"

"That's … not a simple question to answer. I am different, yes."

"Ya'll read minds too huh? Even if you don't want to?" Sookie resumed her pace, Cloie kept up.

"It's a bit different for me, Sookie."

"I been reading a lot lately. Like about mysterious people. Are you a vampire?"

"No." Cloie smiled inwardly, her tongue brushing against the fangs she kept well hidden with glamour.


"Oh no."

"Then what are you?"

Large blue eyes met hers in the moonlight and she laughed softly. "You'd not believe me if I told you."

"Well, you talk real genteel. I don't recognize your accent but it's not like mine. You dress fancy. Are you a princess?"

Cloie burst out laughing and that earned her a scowl from the girl and she simply held up her hands, coming to a stop alongside Sookie. "Peace, Sookie. I mean you no harm. My word."

"I know that. I have never once felt threatened by you. Just wish people would stop treating me stupid just because I'm blonde and weird."

"There is nothing wrong with being blonde or weird.  How dull to be normal!"

Sookie shook her head, sighed and then pleaded. "Please. Just….who are you?"

Cloie wavered. Such information could harm Sookie irrevocably. She'd grown fond of the girl and being loved by a Goddess was no great blessing. It marked you. Made you a target for their enemies.


"My name is Clotho. I am the Greek Goddess of Fate. I live on Mount Olympus and I am nothing human and yet I am the most humane of my kind, little Sookie Stackhouse. I have powers that would make your head spin and two sisters whom I wish to toss in your swamp almost daily. I have lived for over 12,000 years and I cannot die."

The blonde teen took it all in stride, finally nodding. "I'd hate to blow out the candles on your birthday cake, lady…"

They both laughed and continued on until Sookie was safely home and Adele was threatening to cut off certain body parts of "that damn Thibodeaux boy" for his behavior.

It had been that simple and easy…their friendship.

The Fate and the Fae.

She didn't visit Sookie as much anymore. Her Sookie, or as she called her "Cookeh" (Vampire Bill drew out Sookie's name so in his southern drawl, it was so cute!), was on the road to her final destiny and as much as she wanted to, she had to stay away. Let Sookie make her choices and decisions. But Sookie knew, always, that if she truly needed Clotho, all it would take is her name on the wind and Cloie would defy the heavens themselves to help her friend.

Sighing, forcing herself back to the moment, Cloie looked around the room, then dashed a tear from her eyes. Sookie was right where she needed to be. Where she belonged.

The destination was known, it was the journey that mattered most.

"Only the climb is real, my Cookeh…" The Fate whispered and left the room.

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