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All my bags are packed

Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright

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Sexual All my bags are packed

Post by Nicole Wright on Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:05 am

"I'm going back to Chicago, Sam."

The look on his face had been full of confusion at first, then acceptance as he said that a trip would do her good. But that look quickly faded as he realized what she meant a moment before she said it. She was going for good. Back to her family, away from this fucked up place. She couldn't be here any longer, not where so much death had happened. She didn't want to raise their daughter here, in the midst of this fucked up, podunk town. She wanted her baby to know her grandparents, to know where her mama grew up. To feel love, not worry. And it wouldn't happen, not here. Not with so many bad memories.

Sam was gone, probably to the lake behind Bellefleurs to think about things, and she was standing there in the trailer, eight months pregnant and feeling like she was going to bust at any moment. Tears were welling in her eyes, but she didn't let them fall. She was going to stand her ground, pack her things and call a taxi if that's what it took. She'd take a taxi all the way back home. To her mama. Where it was safe.

She sighed and looked back at the bag on the bed; she didn't have much really. Just a few clothes, a couple of pictures of her and Sam, some ultrasound photos from the first time she went to the doctor, and a couple from appointments after that. She couldn't believe that in the little bit of time she had been in this town she had almost gotten killed, been saved by Sam, gotten pregnant by Sam, went home to her mama, come back to Sam, almost been killed again, and now she was here... in this moment, deciding if she should take everything, or leave some of it and just forget about it. If only she could do that; she tried telling herself that she would be okay. But in truth, moving back home to her mama with the baby, and without Sam was more than she was ready for. She loved him. Completely. With every kick of their little girl, she fell more and more in love with them both. There was no way she'd move and be okay, nor would she ever forget about him. He was her soulmate; she knew that deep, deep down in her heart. And she was leaving him... willingly.

"Almost done," she whispered as she put the last thing away in her bag; a teddy bear that he had given her, right after they found out she was expecting. It had two pictures in it; one of the two of them, and the first ultrasound photo. Their family, complete. She caressed the top of it's head, her fingers gently touching the soft fur between its ears as a tear slipped from her eyes. "Guess this is it, Munchkin." She sat the bear gently into the bag and rubbed her stomach as she looked around the room. She would wait for him to come back, make sure he knew what he meant to her. And then, she would be gone.

For good.

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