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A Life after Death

Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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Sexual A Life after Death

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:10 pm

Hoyt said he would go grab a burger from Bellefleur's and come back soon, but she told him it was really no hurry. He was a good man, he'd held her while she cried blood tears for hours after returning from Sookie's place. She could barely speak to tell him what happened, but he knew. After she had stopped crying, she laid in his arms and they talked about their parents and what they missed about them. It was comforting, but a thought played in the back of her mind that had her worried. Would he hate her if he ever found out his mama was killed because Maxine had shot her? Indirectly making it her fault, she was part of the reason. It gave her guilt that began to build up but she had no idea how to approach it. He was her husband now, not legally but to her...it was real. Least it felt real, as real as it could.

She'd since closed the door to Bill's office, unable to bring herself into going inside. It just wasn't the same, the whole house was eerily quiet. She supposed making some calls was the thing to do, maybe some kind of memorial service for him. He was a vampire, but he was still like her father- the only father who ever really gave a damn about her and actually made an effort into being in her life and caring.

Jessica held her arms around her body, almost holding herself together as she walked down the hallways where a few photos were. Stopping at one, she smiled and remembered Holly bringing it over a few days after he died. She wasn't sure if Sookie had told them, but it made her day to see it. Lifting it from it's spot on the shelf, she smiled softly and ran her fingers over the glass of the photo.

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"I miss you Bill..." She said softly, remembering how he walked her down the aisle and how he was nervous for her. It was unfair that this happened to him, but she had to accept that ultimately this is what he had wanted. He had lived, he had experienced, he was ready for his life to be over. She wondered if that would be her one day, or the fact that Hoyt was human and would one day leave her too. Everyone she cared about left her....and eventually, she'd just be...alone. And really, that scared her to death.

Trying to focus on the now, focus on the life she would build with Hoyt, she set the photo down and wiped at her eyes. Moving towards the den, she took a seat on the couch and slowly laid down, pulling her legs up to her chest in the fetal position. She stared into space as she thought about how much her life had changed in a few weeks time.....

....and how much more changing she would have to endure.

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