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Teen Love

Holly Cleary
Holly Cleary

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Sexual Teen Love

Post by Holly Cleary on Sat Sep 20, 2014 10:01 am

Sitting in the dinning room in the Bellefleur Mansion having a drink trying to come to terms that her youngest is in love with her loves youngest .What are they going to do Andy is about ready to kill Wade for deflowering his precious young fairies flower and really she didn’t blame him .

“But what the hell ...it does take two after all  and Adilyn wasn’t acting like no untouched little baby ..Goddess this cant be happening... ``

Taking a deep drink knowing full well that young love can be the strongest at times ,to try and break the two up will be near impossible .So there is only one choice her and Andy have ,there are going to have to be rules set in place to make sure that they dont become grandparents before their time .She thought over just what those rules would be and how to enforce them .It was the enforcing them that was the problem .How did you ground two lovers for breaking the rules when they live in the same house .

`Yea how does that work ...it doesn’t thats how (pouring herself another burbon)I wish I had a book for raising a fairy teen ...She is just so amazing how could my son not fall in love with her ...and my son ...who in their right mind wouldn’t want that beautiful boy of mine ...Oh Goddess please give me the strength I need to go through this ..``

Sitting alone had become her past time in the wee hours of the morning these last couple of weeks .She felt like she was on sentry duty making sure the kids stay in their own rooms but if she had to be honest it was mainly because she couldn’t sleep since she was kidnapped by the infected vampires .She had been through allot in her life but that screwed her shit up .She had problems being alone in the house or anywhere really .And this sleeping thing was just too much for her so she drank and smoked her herb in these hours by herself while thinking about her family .

She had come up with allot of ideas on how they could all live in the Mansion happily but none of them included Adilyn and Wade living happily ever after .Like any mother she would like to see her son do well ,have a great life and she just didn’t see that with Adilyn ,not that she wasn’t a great girl because she was .It was the circumstances the kids met and are living in that is going to be their down fall, Holly was sure of .She could only pray to the Goddess that it didn’t break her family apart when it happens .She loves Andy to death and would do anything for him that is why she is going to give this whole Adilyn ,Wade thing a try .Even though Andy wants them apart and right now, Adilyn is in love and Andy wants his girl happy so this is how it will be .Holly will make sure everything will go as smoothly as it can for her family , for her love and for herself because Goddess help her she deserves it..

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