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The good ol' days..

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual The good ol' days..

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:07 pm

Patting Hoyt on the back, he stood up from the stool by the bar counter and breathed out a cheerful sigh "Alright bubba, I need to pee." Hoyt nodded and Jason made his way to the men's restroom.
Placing his beer by the sink he took a pee and went to wash his hands, glancing in the mirror to make sure his hair was still intact, he styled some stray hairs back into place. Then suddenly...

"Hello baby..."

A familiar voice sounded from behind him. He blinked a few times to make sure his vision was alright, the alcohol he had already consumed messed with it a little but she was there, clear as a bell, standing behind him. Violet.
He leant his palms on the sink bringing one hand up to rub his eyes, shaking his head "This ain't real, this ain't real..this ain't. fuckin'. real." he said aloud to himself to reassure himself that she is dead and that this..was some sort of illusion.

"What, cat got your tongue?" she leant in to the curve of his neck and smelt his scent, her fangs elongating.

"I know this ain't real Violet. Just one of those freaky illusion things." he looked back into the mirror and saw her again, refusing to turn around.

"Oh~ baby, don't be like that, this is just. A good bye, that's all. Since your idiotic friend shot me." she rolled her eyes.

How was this possible? He was happy, he didn't want to see her ever again, he'd rather forget about her altogether. "Look, Violet? Whatever we had, is over, you're dead, i'm not sorry 'bout that. You were gonna kill me, and my friends. So whatever closure it is you want? I don't give a fuck! Goodbye."

"But baby, I love you. I just wanted you to know that. When you betrayed me, I saw nothing but hatred, I felt nothing but hatred please understand this." he felt a coolness on his skin as her hand traced his shoulder blade and he shrugged it away. HE hated the sight of her.

"No." he replied bluntly. Not budging.

"Goodbye, Jason." she said softly.

He looked from the sink to the mirror again and she was gone. Turning around to make sure, and there was no one there. "Well thank fuck for that." he said finally. Was this her closure, or his? It remained unknown.

He left the rest room and went back to the bar area to Hoyt. Ordering another beer, and handing over his money to Lafayette. He had a look around, and realised he was in a good place. That what he just saw, wasn't real. And it wasn't. He had a good life now, he had a family, a wife, beautiful kids, and a good community. Things were good.

The good ol' days.. JasonGif12

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