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How it is going ...

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual How it is going ...

Post by Willa Burrell on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:11 pm

Willa had the best night at school ,who is she kidding every night at school was the best night ,she loved going to university .In just a matter of days she not only was caught up with the rest of the class she had surpassed them by months in her studies.She was sure she would have her masters in General Business Administration by the end of this year if she kept up this pace which would leave her open to take more courses for her law degree .How exciting this university stuff was she knew it was going to be wonderful but not this ,not what she was finding   ,she really had no words for what going back to school was making her feel .All she knew is that she had made the right choice .

She remembers that first day so clearly .It was a nervous one for her she showed up a little early so she could get a feel for the place .When she entered the University she met it with several stares from the human students scurrying to get to their cars to get home before curfew .A few smiled at her and the other vampire students that were just coming to school .She met a couple students that were vampire heading to a virtual   art class and they talked for a few minutes about the school .They were happy to hear there was another vampire student and even more so when she told them of her class load .They applauded her efforts when she told them of her future plans for her goals after school .The three exchanged phone numbers then headed in different directions to their classrooms .

Willa headed to the Business /Accounting Building for her first class ,there she met her professor, Mrs.Jenkins who will be her professor for two of her these classes .They went over all her work she had missed and then the professor gave her the studies for the next 2 years …

“I am hoping that you can get this done in the next couple of months and have your Masters in General Business Administration …normally this is a two year course …so we will see what your vampire skills can do ….dont push yourself just work at normal ..a..vampire speed …I guess (she said with a smile) …Im so very interested in how fast you can work ..”

“I kinda am as well …I am so excited to be here …Now what about my other course ?”

“That one Ill give you three months at a time it’s a four year course …you see here….and then there is this ….(showing her the work ) and here is your first DVDs for them as well I worked all night on them ..”

“Oh thank you so much …”

And that’s how it pretty much went with all her professors ,they were all very nice to her and all were very accommodating .Most gave her work at least three months in advance ,some were six but all wanted to see what she could do .She left the University several hours later with three bags loaded with school work and 5 professors in tow to take them to their cars .Once everyone was safely seen away she loaded her car with books ,DVDs and paper work after paperwork and headed home .

Now that she was days into her schooling she was an old hat at it .If there was help to be had from the professors she would leave a note in their box the night before and they would wait for her the next night and help her .But normally she never needed help ,she was into the middle of the first year of her Accounting course and the same with her Financial Analysis …the paralegal coarse was abit harder but she was moving right along with that as well .Her hope is that she would be done with her business education in a matter of months and then she could concentrate on her law degree .

Tonight after her perimeter run she decided she was going to go to Bellflours to study she needed a night out but first she needed to be fed .She headed out to Clays new apartment in the suburbs of Shreveport she found for him .He was happy to see her still so thankful for what she had done for his girlfriend .They chatted for abit and he fed her then she was on her was to Bon Temps and Bellfloures .

She pulled into the parking lot noticing that it was near empty ,she parked and got out .Sniffing the air it smelled sweet from all the wild flowers that bloom around the bar  and walked in .Looking around she saw absolutely no one it was completely dead .Arlene saw her come in and rushed to her side …

“Hey Willa …its so nice to see you …gosh its been awhile though …where ya been …your looking good …bright smile on ya …I heard that Eric released you …I never did like that one ….are ya doing well …where ya living now …so sorry about Tara ..I know you two were close …Well don’t just stand there hugging your books come on in and take a load off ….can I get you something …well …sorry …I guess I cant yet …but I can offer a nice place to sit and what …looks like you have work to do …come on put that stuff down and have a seat …”

“Thanks so much Arlene …its so nice to see you again as well …and thank you about Tara yes I miss her …Im back at Tara and my home ..but …Im back at University though and loving it that’s what all this is (putting her computer and books on the table )…Im studying to finish off my business degree and then go for my Law degree …its going really well …I fit right in …and I love going to school …so you will be seeing a lot of me …I plan on studing her some nights if that is ok with you ..its nice to get out of the house …So what is up with it being so quiet in here ?”

“Oh Willa that’s wonderful for you …I hope you do well …as for the customers well …until the curfew is lifted I guess its going to be a little slow …but I figured if I stay open people will start coming …look you came even though I have nothing to offer you …Well Ill let you get at it …if you need anything let me know …and good for you girl …”

Willa sat down in a booth and laid all her books around her in a half circle with her computer in the middle and got to work  .Working at the bar was great she didn’t have the fur kids bothering her all the time for attention .There was nice background music and people there to talk to if she wanted to take a break .Yes she couldn’t have pick a better place to study it had everything she needed the best thing was the people in it    .

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