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Holly Cleary
Holly Cleary

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Sexual Nightmares

Post by Holly Cleary on Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:31 am

The smell of bile coated with a metallic bloody odor filled her lungs as she breathed in deeply .She wondered where she was but was afraid to open her eyes .She heard the sounds of chains hitting concrete and metal it sounded like someone moving to get more comfortable, as if you could get any comfort down here.Still afraid to open her eyes she could hear the others breathing  while they struggled against their chains  ,she whispers to one ..

“Are you ok ...you breathing is labored ....you need to calm your breathing down for the baby ...”

She slowly opens her eyes and sees Nicole in front of her with a panicked look on her face .Then Arlene comes into view wide eyed ,pale and injured with cuts and bruises on her face .Holly looks down at her hands and sees she is chained and she too has cuts and bruises up and down her arms . Her breath hiccups and she catches a sob in her throat ...

“Arlene (reaching out for her ) dear Goddess we are going to make it I just know it ...”

As she lets Arlene go she hears a noise and looks up to see several infected vampires rush up to her with fangs bared reaching veined hands out to her. As she lets out a horrific scream and tries in a futile attempt to fight the vampires  off .They take her kicking and screaming up the stairs to oblivion .She scream again calling out for Andy , for the Goddess, for anyone who could hear her and help.She swings her arms and legs in an attempt to free herself but nothing works their grip is too tight .As thy throw her onto the floor of the upstairs she screams not out of fright but out of pain then they come all at once .   Andy reaches out to her grabs her shoulders and brings her out of her dream screaming with a gut wrenching sound and tears streaming down her face .Andy takes her in his arms and holds her until her sobs quiet ,he dries her tears and gets her a drink .

“Can you tell me about it ...was it the dungeon one again ?” Andy askes in a deeply concerned voice ,eyes brimming with tears .

“Yes ..(hugging him tighter to her ) yes it was ...They were coming to get me ...you see it was my turn ..(choking back a sob )..”

Andy face reddens with anger if it wasn’t for those infected vampers invading his town and thinking they drink it dry .Holly wouldn’t be the way she was now ,fighting for every ounce of sleep trying to keep the monsters out of her dreams while he tries to keep them out of her reality .

As she relaxes in his arms she takes a drink of the amber liquid he brought her the heat blooms in her chest and brings color to her pale cheeks .She tries to get the dream out of her mind but its one of those that stay with you ,she sits back against the head board and deep breaths in the hope that it continues to relax her .She looks into his eyes with the question in hers that has been there for weeks ...

“How long is this going to last ...I know I ask this every time ...but Im so tired of these nightmares ...oh blessed be ...Please dear Goddess have mercy on me ...”

Then she starts crying again snuggling into Andy’s arms like she wished she could disappear into them. She leaned back and looked into Andys eyes and knew he would take care of her ,he would never let anything harm her if he could help it he truly loved her .She laid her cheek on his chest to hear his heart beat and it lulled her to a kind of relaxation she hasn’t seen since the attack .She caught herself falling asleep so Andy laid her back in bed , laid beside her and held her till she went fully back to sleep.

Even though Andy wanted to take up arms to go hunt any and all infected vampires he knew he had better stay with Holly.She was way to fragile to leave alone even with the others in the house.No matter what his gut was telling him he had to follow his heart where Holly was concerned  .She needed him right now here is where he can do the most good for her but it was killing him not being able to go out and kill those infected fucking vampers .He was tired of having them looming around every corner he knew he had to take back the night if not for his family then for his town .

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